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Top Posts of 2015

I’ve been having a blast recently reading other blog’s year end updates and 2015 top posts.  So much fun, in fact, that I’ve decided that it’s about time that I share the top posts from Semi-Sweet Tooth in 2015.

For the below, I decided to also take out giveaways and discounts, but it’s obvious that you guys are fans.  Vow to be Chic, PinkBlush Winter Giveaway, and eShakti all made the top ten.  I’m so excited that you guys have seen benefit from most of the brands I’ve chosen to partner with thus far.  I’ll absolutely continue to grow this practice in the future!

But now (drum roll please) to our top ten:

1) The Proposal

untitled (36) Far and away, the most viewed post this year was our proposal.  This day was momentous to me for so many reasons, and I’m so glad that the SST community enjoyed being part of every step of the way!

2) Lokai Bracelets

untitled (37) I was constantly surprised across the year, because this post has been read consistently since March, rarely not getting views any week.  It just goes to show, what you expect to be a tiny, little blurb can end up anywhere!

3) Liebster Award

untitled (38) Seemingly silly, random quizzes are sometimes my favorite posts to read and write – as are blog awards that our community provides to one another.  I’m so excited that SST readers love awards that build our blogging community, too!

4) Ma’s Birthday Gifts

untitled (39) Gifts guides are consistently popular on the blog, but this seemingly random recap of the birthday gift I sent to my mother last year takes the cake!  (Pardon the pun.)  Pro note: I’ve loved using Uncommon Goods frequently for gifts since this time.  Their selection of gifts is incredibly unique and always well-loved!

5) Living on the Lilly Side

untitled (40) This post got a ton of hits immediately.  How has the Pultizer clan not capitalized on the success of their limited-time Target partnership and released another collection?  I don’t know… but I kind of love it.

6) Man Monday: Gifts for the Man in Your Life

unnamed (5) I’ll give credit where it’s due, as Ray actually wrote one of the most popular posts of the year!  Man Crates was also one of the most referred links of the year, prompting the Man Crates team to reach out to us to figure out where their new users were coming from.  Glad you guys agreed that it’s a great gift!

7) Hiking a Fourteener to Benefit the Grey Foundation

untitled (41) I’m incredibly proud that this post made the top ten.  Not only because it was an intense physical challenge, but because the Grey Foundation is so close to my heart.  (Learn more about the Grey Foundation here.)

8) 30 Calorie Cookies (No Sugar Added, Vegan, Gluten-Free)

untitled (42) This recipe was originally shared with me from Ray’s mom, and it makes incredibly tasty cookies.  Plus, it’s a beautiful example of my early food photography.  (Woof.)

9) Wedding Dress Shopping (Part 1)

untitled (43) Some wedding posts are hugely popular, and some get so close to zero readers that I’m afraid you’ve all left.  For this reason, I’ve stopped Wedding Wednesday posts, but I’ll definitely keep you all up to date on the fashions selected.  Let me know if there are any other pieces you’d definitely like to hear about.  (Ray was asked by some readers to share his perspective on wedding planning, but other than that. 🙂 )

10) Best Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

untitled (44) This post was written after a terribly unhealthy week of work travel.  The tips have been incredibly helpful to me, and I’m so glad you guys feel the same way!


What kind of posts would you guys like to ser more of in the future?

Create a great life!

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