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2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Gals (All $50 & Under!)

Last year at this time, I was semi-stalking other blogs on a massive search party for ideas their gift guides might provide for my own shopping spree.  But now that I’ve been around for just over a year, I figured that it’s my turn to share some of my favorite findings!  So CHAMPAGNE CHEERS – to both the holidays and to hoping that the chickadees in my family are skimming through this post today, because some of these are definitely on their lists. 😉

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Gals I’ve decided to try to support smaller businesses and more local businesses this year, so most of these can’t be found in many chain stores.  However, all are available online and most are either on sale or are providing a discount going into the holidays.  Happy shopping!


Gift Guide for Gals


On sale for $20

Turkish towels have been all the rage for a while now – and for good reason!  The color doesn’t fade, they can be used as everything from an actual bath/beach towel to a scarf, and they get softer every time you wash them.  When I found the cute patterns and color combinations at 2 Vegabond Imports, I was hooked!  I pretty much bought them out of stock, so you might want to hurry if this is where you’re leaning.  (Only half kidding.)




There were a couple of years that I got leather cuffs from pretty much everyone under the sun.  But just lately, I’ve been getting back into wearing them to balance the feminine ensembles I regularly wear by bringing in the slightly masculine accessory.  It adds just a small touch without making the look too androgynous.  The leather cuff at Jaxy Blue is perfect for everyday.  Plus, if you’re in the mood for swanky, leather accessories without a way too swanky budget, then this entire site/shop is the perfect direction for you.



$26.48 (we’re supposedly saving $1.51 – so you can get that gumball, too!)

Candles are always a perfect go-to for all of your “nice” friends and family on your list.  While just about any candle could work in your favor, this candle by Capri Blue (yes, available on Amazon) is potentially the best smelling thing of all time.  The company claims the scent is, “freshly picked orchids, jasmine and gardenia, entwined with white blossoms.”  I have no idea if that’s right, but boy, does this candle smell fantastic!

 IMG_1157_copy$30 (but get $5 off with code SEMISWEETTOOTH)

In all honesty, I haven’t tried this product, but it looks like a blast!  Wine aerators are something that I’ve found many people I know are missing in their homes.  But they make such a huge difference, that they’re the perfect gift to provide to our friends and family!  The one pictured above is by a new business called Bevratech.  You can actually see the wine filtering through the glass spinny thing.  I didn’t think it’d be possible to make wine more fun… but it seems I was incorrect.  Hooray!  (Remember to use code “SEMISWEETTOOTH” for your $5 off!  #discountsarefun)


il_570xN.728534189_mk93 On sale for $8

I love getting people small gifts to add to their stockings, and I’m always on the lookout for small pieces to deliver to co-workers and acquaintances.  This little cupcake set is sure to be an instant hit in both situations!  It seems others agree with me, because Sweet Lulu is already sold out of the other, previously available colors.  Better act quick!


pluma_fall_1-7 $50

I spotted the company bohemi at the Junior League Holiday Mart and knew they had to be included!  These earrings are long enough to make an impact, short enough to not look like you’re going to da club (you know what I mean), classic enough to be worn tastefully across any event, but still have a small touch of building your own trend like the B.A. you are.  I also love that these earrings, while real leather and feathers, are actually made out of scraps purchased from other companies, helping to make sure that all parts of the animal are used.  Look at you, you hip do-gooder!

Please note: While none of this content is sponsored, affiliate links may be included.  As always, I very much appreciate your support.


What are some of your favorite gifts to give and receive across the holidays?

If you have a gift guide for gals, feel free to share the link below.  The more ideas, the merrier!

Create a great life!

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