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Sunday Confessions: Living on the Lilly Side

Sometimes we cover serious topics here in Sunday Confessions.  Other time we… don’t.  Sorry for those that love a good, serious topic, but this one still NEEDED to be shared.

When the Lilly Pulitzer / Target collection was originally announced, I’ll admit that I had my doubts.  I think Target has done some GREAT work introducing fantastic fashion houses to the masses at realistic, budget-friendly prices.  But it still did seem a bit fishy and – dare I say it – like Lilly sold out. (Gasp!)

This suspicion means that I have to be the first one to admit, I not so secretly LOVE what I’ve seen from the look book that was released last week.  (For those curious to look through the whole thing, Refinery did the best break down that I’ve seen of all 121 pieces, found here.)  All of the pieces incorporate that Summer vibe and light aesthetic that we’ve grown to love and expect out of this now legendary brand.  I can definitely see myself basking in the sunshine on the beach outside of their Palm Beach headquarters knowing that Lilly herself would have been incredibly proud.

Check out some of my favorite pieces (and prices!) below:

Shift Dress - Upstream, $38

Shift Dress – Upstream, $38

Crochet Tank Top - White, $32

Crochet Tank Top – White, $32

Shift Dress - Plus Size -  My Fans $38

Shift Dress – Plus Size – My Fans $38

Challis Romper - Happy Place, $34

Challis Romper – Happy Place, $34

Shift Dress - Fan Dance, $38

Shift Dress – Fan Dance, $38


What are your favorite Summer fashion staples?  Do you have  favorite Target / designer collection that you wear often?

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