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3 Ingredient Healthy Breakfast Cookies

These healthy breakfast “cookies” are delicious and nutritious.  Involving only three ingredients, with an option to add more, they are incredibly simple to make in a hurry and save in the fridge as a snack for later.  As an added bonus, these are Vegan and Lactose-Free.

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Yesterday, I woke up with a hankering for something different than our usual egg and veggie combo that we stay relatively committed to over the weekends.  Not having much in the house (late Sunday or Monday is our usual store run), I pulled together these breakfast “cookies” with limited ingredients and limited time before running to Fierce45 class (review of the class to come.)

My favorite recipes are those that I know I’ll be able to make time and time again because they make my life simpler and healthier.  While a few of these little cookies worked perfectly to get me ready to go in the morning, we now have several saved in our fridge for when the snack attack bites later in the week.  With a hugely packed week of meetings, interviews, article writing, and photo shoots coming up, I’m pumped that these will be a great way to bring a nutritious snack on the road.

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3 Ingredient Healthy Breakfast Cookies

Prep Time: 5 minutes, Bake Time: 12 minutes; Total Time: 17 minutes

Makes: 12 Cookies


  • 2 ripe bananas, mashed
  • 1 cup quick cook oats
  • 1/4 cup dried fruit (I used raisins)
  • Optional: Add in other ingredients of interest (I added cinnamon, but I think a little dark chocolate would be great if you’d like more of a dessert cookie)


  • Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  In a large bowl, combine the mashed banana and oats.  Once fully combined, fold in the dried fruit and any additional ingredients you’ve decided to add to the recipe.
  • On baking sheet covered in tin foil or parchment paper, use a spoon to drop the cookies into ~12 cookie-sized sections.
  • Bake the cookies for around 12 minutes or until the bottom of each cookie is a light golden brown.
  • Enjoy immediately, or put into a tupperware container to save until later.  I recommend keeping the leftovers in the refrigerator.  For whatever reason, they taste incredibly delicious just a bit chilled.

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Ray got home from golf and devoured some of these and he’s the toughest critic, so I know these will please even the toughest palate.  If you’re interested in some other tasty, healthy, simple, breakfast recipes, then I’ve included some of my all time favorites below.  Enjoy!

Easy, Healthy Yogurt Cups

Although these are more freezer friendly than most breakfasts, these would definitely fit the occasion.  I love using these as ready-to-go snacks or healthy desserts on warm, Spring and Summer days.

Easy Yogurt Cups

DIY Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

These are the perfect make-ahead breakfast option.  A bit more substantial than today’s breakfast cookies, but still easy to make ahead and take with you on the go to pop in the microwave when you’re in a hurry.  Yummin’!

Milk Free Breakfast Sandwiches

If you’re out of ingredients in your house often, like we are, then milk free egg sandwiches might be more your style.  Like the rest of these recipes, milk free egg sandwiches are delicious and nutritious.  I often choose to freeze these eggs to take with me in the mornings and heat back up in the microwave when I get to the office.



What are your favorite breakfast recipes?

Do you normally eat breakfast on the go or do you sit down to have the full meal?

Create a great life!

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