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Friday Favorites #1

Let’s be real, I’ve only ever been good at sticking with a short series of six weeks or less.  I tried an ongoing series once (Wedding Wednesday… which has now somewhat become Workout Wednesday, albeit unintentionally), and I felt too constrained after a while and stuck with sporadic updates instead.  But I love the Friday Favorite series and love the flexibility it allows.  So here we are with my favorite finds across the week!  (That was my really long way of saying, don’t expect to see this each and every week, ha)

…but to start off with – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Because I don’t post on Sundays, I wanted to wish my mother and all of the wonderful moms out there a happy Mother’s Day!  You deserve to be celebrated each and every day.  But because this an extra special day, I hope that you have a beyond wonderful Mother’s Day filled with everything you love.


Love you, ma!

My Cousin Karen’s Wedding… Congratulations Karen & Dan!

Last weekend, we travelled out to Indianapolis for my cousin’s wedding, and it was absolutely fabulous!  They planned the whole wedding in six weeks because they are now on their way to move to Georgia.  Having so many wonderful, life-changing events occur within the same week and a short planning season didn’t cause them to tame down the wedding whatsoever.  It was a crazy event that was filled with so much fun and love!  Now I’m so excited for our wedding in just over two months!


Unfortunately, I only took the one, blurry picture at the wedding, but my cousin did send me a fun picture of me with my cousin’s kid Makalya.  It was a blast to hang out and learn what’s “hip” in the high school scene.  Like Crocs and high socks.  I so wish I was kidding…


Finally Accomplishing Those “One Day” Things

One of the best parts of going full time has been having the time to accomplish some of those “one day” tasks so that we can focus on those longer term plans… such as planning posts in advance.  #TheDream

Some of the “One Day” tasks that I’ve crossed off thus far are migrating the site off of WordPress, finally ordering business cards, and formatting and sending out the new SST newsletter.  While they all seem like simple tasks, as with many tasks with technology, they have all taken hours to complete.  And today… I’ll be planning a couple weeks of posts.  Score one for the team!

P.S. Make sure that you’re signed up to receive the SST newsletter!  Sneak peak below… Hooray!


Gorgeous Bridal Shower Gift from My Cousin Alana

Guys, let’s have an honest discussion here.  We all have our weird habits, I know I’m not the only one.  But one of my weird habits is that I will not open a package in our house until I have something to do with whatever is inside said package.  For gifts, that thing to do is to write a “thank you” note.  That’s right, a gift will remain unopened until I have time to sit down and write a well thought out thank you, put a stamp on it, and get said note in the mail… the stars must be aligned.  Thus why I started balling my eyes out when I opened my Bridal Shower gift from my cousin/bridesmaid that was delivered yesterday.  She was unable to attend because she lives in Washington D.C. (and is literally saving the world, but that’s another topic for another day) and her gift was more heartfelt than anything I could have imagined.


It’s three hearts cut out from maps, the first of Denver (where we live now), the second of Chicago (both Ray and my home towns and where we finally started dating), and the third of Oxford, Ohio (where we met at the beyond amazing Miami University.)  I’m so excited for everyone to walk in our home to see this, because it truthfully is the story of us.  So perfect.

Outdoor Voices

Let me start this next one by saying that I have never tried this brand and have no idea of the quality of their attire.  But what I do know is that I love their message.


Outdoor Voices is a brand from a B.A. 27-year-old from Boulder, Colorado.  Taylor Haney felt that the “better, faster, stronger” message of major athletic brands wasn’t speaking to her, so she did something about it!  Now the brand is growing 8x per year, and people are raving about the quality and message.  I love seeing females that don’t settle for the status-quo and just generally rock at life.  Now I can’t wait to try out their clothing for myself!


  • We are well-stocked with some frozen, over-ripened bananas for some Banana Ice Cream this weekend.  Can’t wait!

Healthy Desserts

  • I’ve been on a cardio kick lately (as you’ll see next Wednesday) and have been loving this old school Ab/Cardio Circuit.  It’s been great to get the blood moving in the mornings.


What are some this that your loving this week?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend… besides the Kentucky Derby?

Create a great life!

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