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Favorite Beauty Product Finds

Sporadically, I love sharing some of my recent favorite beauty product finds.  Primarily because I can’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t.  And with that, below are some products that are new regulars in my beauty rotation.  I hope that they’re as helpful to you as they have been to me!

Valentia Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask


This mask is purely created with high percentages of the ingredients that benefit our skin the most.  Kaolin Clay, the primary ingredient of this mask, is known for its detoxifying powers, as is draws out the skin impurities.  Vitamin C combats future exposure to UV rays and environmental pollution, meaning you’ll be protected in the future, Plant Stem Cells, Wakama Bioferment, & CoQ10, that all derease signs of aging at the very base of your skin.  And Matrixyl, that stimulates collaged synthesis and skin repair.  Needless to say, your skin is in good hands with Valentia’s mask.  I know it’s been no secret that I’ve been having difficulties with my skin lately, and this helps my face to feel smooth and fresh.  Love it!



I had heard from a friend that these would be life-changing, and I have to admit… I was dubious.  But she was spot on!  While these hair “elastics” don’t crease or create split ends, the spiral shape somehow stays in place through every HIIT workout – including burpees!  I’ve been amazed coming out of my tough workouts with no kinks to be seen, especially because this thing stays in place.  With all of the benefits I see with these invisibobbles, I see no reason to say no!

EO Organic Body Serum No 02


As you guys know, I’m constantly looking for products that are hydrating, but that don’t leave me with that greasy residue that makes me feel like I’m going to break out.  This isn’t even due to dry skin – just because the Denver air literally lacks moisture and oxygen and is closer to the sun; all sucking the natural moisture out of my “normal” skin.

This serum provides the benefits that I’ve been able to find with several argan oil products, but it also soaks into the skin, so that you feel like you’re actually getting the benefits of the natural ingredients without the awful residue.  Plus, there’s a light scent that just feels more Summery, making me feel even more ready for the sunny, Summer days ahead.

Mineral Fusion Lip Gloss


Alongside my skin being dry, my lips feel chapped 24/7/365.  Because of this, exfoliating my lips on the reg has become my new norm and I purely use chap sticks that aren’t sticky and help to hydrate, rather than provide color.

For whatever reason, this Mineral Fusion lip gloss provides the hydration I’m craving, but provides a sheer color that is perfect for everyday.  Plus, the antioxidant-rich ingredients also protect from free radical damage for future improvement.  Bonus points: This formula is gluten free, 100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, artificial color free, talc free, hypo-allergenic, phthalate free – so pretty much everyone can love this lip gloss just as much as I do!

ven effect Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 15


This lightweight moisturizer is amazing for daily wear.  Compared to most moisturizers that I have to leave on for a significant period of time to “soak in” before putting on my makeup, this product feels almost light and airy.  Plus, it’s created by experts with an exclusive Phyoestegen Blend (including grape seed, red clover, and soy extracts) that is uniquely designed to help women’s skin to restore collagen and increase elasticity, while reversing sun damage and signs of aging.  Love that I’ve found a product that feels great today, but that I know is helping my skin for tomorrow!


What are some of your recent favorite product finds?

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Photography: Sarah Arnold Photography

Please note that I did receive some products above in return for my honest opinion, however I did not receive financial compensation.  The above does include some affiliate links, my family and I thank you for your support!

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