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Milk Free Breakfast Sandwiches

Lately, I’ve been searching for a way to make tasty scrambled eggs with less or no milk, while still completely judging my breakfast based on texture.  While I’m far from avoiding dairy, I also understand that I shouldn’t be pouring milk into every meal from here to eternity.  I’ve read several sites related to the topic that have suggested ingredients such as sour cream, half & half, or evaporated milk.  However, what I’ve found that I love most is using either only water, or water with just a splash of milk.  The tip actually came from my mom (they always have the best tips don’t they), who also tries to minimize any use of butter or cheese by adding in more healthy ingredients for additional flavor.

Indy5For the above, we went with a splash of milk, which I’ll normally go with if I’m hoping for a thicker, more creamy (ironic, eh) texture.  With this, we split a English Muffin and toasted it extra crispy.  With just the egg, generous pepper, and just a touch of salt, it was plenty.  However, if you’re interested in going with just the water, then I’d include more ingredients, similar to the way my fellow bloggers did below.  (Great recipes, chicas!!)

SpinachFontinaEggSandwichXCU-copy-826x1024Spinach, garlic, panko, & parsley like

Easy Egg Veggie Breakfast Sandwich_jpg

Baby tomatoes, avocado, & onion like


Smoked salmon, chives, and tarragon like (ok, not really a blog… but it’s so tasty!!)


What are your favorite meals to enjoy for breakfast?  Do you have a favorite way to make eggs?

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