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New Product Trial: Perlier Shea Butter

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With colder weather entering the fold (that’s the rumor at least… it’s 90 degrees here!), it’s time for us to focus on getting as much moisture as possible into our skin.  Thus, I’m trying a wide variety of crèmes (seen here), lotions, and shea butters to see what does the trick for my skin.  Last year, we moved West when Denver was purely in Fall mode.  Because I have a little time to prep before the cold, dry weather takes over, we’ll be seeing several moisturizers being tested so that I’m ready to go when ski season arrives!

This week, I tested out Perlier’s Shea Butter with lavender extract.  Beyond the amazing lavender scent, this product was amazing at providing intense moisture when I needed it most.  However, I would use this more as a hand lotion than as a body balm.  Unless your water is reeeeeally drying.

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Check out the thickness of this product!  Completely different from the crème tested last week, in that the consistency of this product does not allow it to soak in naturally. Make sure that you rub it in completely in order for it to soak into your skin to it’s fullest extent.

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Whether you decide to use this as a hand or body butter, I’m certain that your skin will feel soft and supple after using Perler’s Shea Butter.  Keep it away from your face, but otherwise, I think you should be good to go!

Note: This content is not sponsored.  All thoughts/opinions are my own.


How do you keep your skin moisturized leading into the colder months?  Do you prefer thicker lotions, or products that naturally soak into the skin?

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