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Weekend Recap

Concerts with friends, the Kentucky Derby, and the named “Fight of the Century”… oh my!  This weekend was full of amazing times surrounded by friends from all stages of life.  And seeing the wardrobes of the fashionistas was only a small part of the fun!

Friday night, we stopped into a new part of town to see an old friend from home play a gig nearby.  If you’re into acoustic awesomeness, ala Jack Johnson kind of style, then check out Daphne Willis.  I have to admit that, while I love her CDs, she is even more phenomenal to listen to live.


Pictured starting top left, we have Ray, then two friends from high school that live in the Denver area Ryan and Steve, then my friend Dave that I had met in Cincinnati, then our friends Nik and Sabrina that I had previously met in Chicago, but “re-met” in yoga out here, the stunning Daphne, and your’s truly.  Having great friends from so many points of life was wild, but I absolutely loved it!

Saturday started with a run over to the grocery store (look out for this girl!), before leading into the Kentucky Derby.  Some friends in the area hosted a Kentucky Derby party at their place, which was perfect.  It was low-key, included great food & music, and we all got to wear our Derby best.  My old college roommate Steph and her husband were able to join the festivities, which made it even more fun to re-connect!


After the Derby was over (I won $60 – not a big deal or anything) and the party had calmed down a bit, we all came back to our place and had a small crew over to watch the big boxing match.  I know close to zero about boxing (other than the fact that Mike Tyson is in “The Hangover,” so I’m set on that knowledge), but supposedly we watched a “boring match.”  Whatever, I liked the Pacquiao guy better, but he lost.  I was sad.  The end. …other than the fact that Jimmy Kimmel was in his “squad” walking into the ring, which was hilarious.


Kimmel was straight faced the whole time.  Fairly impressive, really.  And to add to the whole thing, his shirt had a picture of Pac-Man (the boxer-fellow’s nick name) eating little Mayweather heads.  Classic Kimmel. 🙂


What was the best part of your weekend?  Did anything stand out?

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