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Truly Timeless Style, Courtesy of Gayle Spannaus

Truly timeless style can be so difficult to place.  One minute the old classic peplum is coming back and you figure that it’s here to stay.  The next second it’s simmering out.  How’s a girl to keep everything straight?!  Luckily, we have Gayle Spannaus (J. Crew’s head stylist) to help us out as out secret weapon!

Whowhatwear had a fantastic interview with Gayle, in which she points out her top tips for creating timeless style.  In her six tips, the main piece that I gathered was to focus on, “craftsmanship, simplicity, and versatility.”  When you find a well crafted item that can stand the test of time, you’ll be able to wear it for decades to come.  She also pointed that no pieces are built particularly for older and/or younger women.  The style “fits” your age based on the way you combine pieces together and accessorize.  Be smart about what you wear to make sure that it makes you feel confident and wholly yourself.

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What do you think makes a woman truly timeless?  Do you have any favorite, classic items that you’ll love forever?

Create a great life!

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