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New Product Trial: Kroger CarbMaster Yogurt


This past week, I decided to try out a product I used to purchase all the time when I lived out in Cincinnati – CarbMaster Yogurt.  These lil’ guys come in several great looking flavors, and all (that I’ve seen) are 60-80 calories.  There’s 3 grams of sugar (which I think should put it in the low sugar family) and 4 carbs in 6 ounces of yogurt – fairly healthy for a dairy-based snack!

I’ve tried several of their flavors and I’d highly recommend the fruit flavors well over the sweet, dessert-sounding ones – with the one exception being the vanilla.  I bought some of the cinnamon bun options.  Not to ruin the dream or anything, but I wouldn’t claim that it tastes like a cinnamon bun.

These are great for snacking, but I wouldn’t use them as a cooking alternative.  While I read that a few people use vanilla for recipes, I typically prefer to go with a product with a lighter consistency than these have available.  But that said, these would make a great dip for fruit – does that count as a recipe?

Note that I bought these on my own – Kroger didn’t know I was writing about their product.  I’m just spreading the good word. 🙂


Have you tried any new products that you’d recommend?  Anything you’d like me to try on your behalf?

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