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Thin Mint Cookie Goodness

It’s time to share a highly unhealthy recipe.  But it’s so good that it just might be worth it!  This recipe comes from Toned Twenties, who has unreal recipes and fitness tips.  Welcome, my friends, to Thin Mint Cookie Brownies!


Start with a base layer of brownies – let’s all be honest and say that boxed brownies are the easiest, and usually tastiest, way to go. Prepare the brownies as directed on the box, but I’d recommend adding a few chocolate chips to the mix for good measure.

For the second layer, break apart thin mint cookies into crumbles and spread evenly. Whether these are thin mint cookies from your local Girl Scouts, or any generic, the key is to have a fudge, mint cookie that will melt well into the other flavors.

The final layer is the uber tasty fudge layer. Melt a can of sweet and condensed milk with a package of chocolate chips, and make sure that they’re mixed evenly. While the mixture is still warm pour over the thin mint brownie layers.

And your done.  Enjoy.  But really.  Try not to enjoy, I dare you.


Do you have any sweets that lead you to break your healthy eating plan?  But seriously… make these.  How good are they?

Create a great life!

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