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Travelling Healthy

Happy Tuesday morning!  I hope that you’re all having a great start to the week thus far – you guys are amazing!!

Since I’ve been on the road a lot lately, and I don’t foresee that changing in the near future, I know first hand the perils of travel.  Specifically, I’ve been highly focused on not getting sick.  While I know there’s a large contingency of people that focus on hand sanitizing like a champ and disinfecting everything within a 50 seat radius, I’m, realistically, never going to be that intense.  Instead, I focus on small things that can control throughout the trip that will minimize my risk for illness.  Enter hydration.

There are two things that I’m known for consistently bringing with me on almost every trip.  And both are highly correlated to hydration.

1) My filtered, Reebok water bottle.  Yeah, I’m super cheap and refuse to spend $4 at the local airport Hudson’s.  But these bad boys are definitely worth the investment.  Most airports have filtered water available, but the filter within these water bottles is just an added sort of comfort so that I know that I can have healthy drinking water on a moments notice.

EICHENPAS - Water Bottle

2) Emergen-C and I have been best friends for a few years now.  I love the tangerine flavor, and I fit in at least one a day.  I may or may not have been known to pile in one or two of these across trips, as well.  Extra Vitamin C is okay for the system (you flush it out if your body doesn’t need it), but try to spread it out if you decide to take more than one dose so that your body has time to absorb the extra vitamins.



What are your tips for staying healthy while travelling?  Do you have any great trips planned for the year?

Create a great life!

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