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Closing Weekend for Vail

Happy Monday, my beautiful STSers!  I hope that you’re having an absolutely wonderful start to the week. 🙂

This weekend was a wee bit crazy – in that I stayed at a friend’s place in Vail that had no internet access.  Nor cable (sorry Blackhawks and Bulls, glad I’ll be able to see you play later this week!)  But it was a fantastic time.  I had NO idea how hilarious closing weekend is at all of these resorts!  Luckily, I was with some folks that were past ski instructors, otherwise I would have not felt prepared at all.

Saturday started with an event called “Freedogging.”  Basically, primarily past ski instructors all dress up in crazy costumes (“uniforms”) and compete in various events from past crazy ski movies.  Everything from three-legged skiing to going down a mogul run with their skis pulled together with an edgy-wedgy (what they typically use for little kids to hold the front of their skis together in a “pizza” shape.)  I’m absolutely not a strong enough skier to participate in any sort of event with ski instructors, but it was great to see them flying past in their costumes while we were on the ski lift.

photo 4

Yep – those 60 people were all in the competition 🙂

They got incredibly creative with their costumes, too.  I was a little nervous when I was in the kitchen of the house and heard a saw going in the garage, only to find out that they were making mini-skis from old skis and blowing up inner-tubes.  Makes sense right?  (…or something.)

Mini skis and inner-tubes - necessary equipment?

Mini skis and inner-tubes – necessary equipment?

Saturday was a more normal ski day, but it was the actual last day of the season (unless you’re an employee), so it had to hold it’s own special surprises!  After skiing most of the day, past instructor friends took us up to the top of the highest chair in Vail.  Little did I know that there’s a fiesta that happens at 4pm when the chairs close and people can just ski down later!  Food, drinks, music, the whole set-up – crazy fun!  There was a ton of security, so it’s definitely safer than it sounds – don’t fret!

photo 2

Now I’m finally home (at work) and getting back into the swing of things.  I’m incredibly sad that our first ski season as Denver residents is over, but I’m excited to see what more is to come!  I’m expecting hikes, camping, and fly fishing posts to say the least – as a regular city-dweller.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the group I skied with on Saturday while the champs (second placers) were participating in the Freedogging competition.  I think it just encompasses the pure joy that we were all feeling at that moment to start the day on a pure powder (fresh snow) day. 🙂

I'm the one on the far left, rockin' Ray's neon, Men's XL coat since I didn't have a costume (whoops!)

I’m the one on the far left, rockin’ Ray’s neon, Men’s XL coat since I didn’t have a costume (whoops!)

Be sure to check back later this afternoon for my review of Orange Theory Fitness!


What made your weekend exciting?  What made it stand out from the rest?

Create a great life!

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