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#TBT: Birthdays and Girlfriends are the Perfect Combo

In moving to a new city, Ray and I had very few friends.  Then, my birthday happened to be during a snowstorm.  I honestly figured that maybe two girls would show up, but imagine my true happiness when eight other girls were able to make it!  I’ve met these wonderful women all over the place – yoga class, one happened to be sitting next to me at a brewery, two I met at a random brunch I attended, and one (the one I knew best, by far) was my college roommate.  Seeing all of these women come together really made this ne city feel much more at home.


For my birthday this year, I wanted to do more than just go out to drink and eat – I guess having pregnant friends does that to you. 🙂 So this year, I planned an outing to a place in Denver called Upstairs Circus.  This place is amazing for a get together!  They provide you with a “menu” of various projects that you can choose from, all at a flat cost of $35.  They then provide you with all of the instructions and materials to make the creation a reality.  That, and it was half-priced wine night… so that happened.

You’ll notice that almost everyone decided to make a different craft.  Bracelets, flasks, wallets, and comparatively large wooden sign – it definitely speaks to our varying, but perfectly compatible personalities. I’m so thankful for this get-together.  We’ve celebrated three more birthdays together since this time, and I cannot wait to continue the celebrations!


How do you love celebrating with your girlfriends?  What’s your tips for meeting new girlfriends in your area?

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