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#TBT: Welcome Back to Twitter

I used to live on Twitter when I first jumped on the bandwagon in 2009.  Every Bachelor episode, morning weather check, and fairly random moment included a check of Twitter and perhaps a quick tweet.  But once Instagram came around, my loyalties changed dramatically.  In walks portraits of everything random imaginable and out walk my 140 character poems about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

However, thanks to some great advice from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers, I’ve jumped right back on board.  My new account started a wee bit under a week ago, and I’m already hooked once more!  The community available through Twitter gives bloggers an instant forum to share and connect.  I can’t wait to keep meeting the great people involved in this new community!


If you’re interested, follow me on Twitter @semisweettooth1 or by clicking the Follow button on the sidebar or footer of this page.  Also, please use the comments section to let me know your Twitter name so that I can follow you and check out all of the great activities included in your day, as well!


As mentioned, please let me know your Twitter name so that I can follow you.  Do you have any tips, tricks, or fellow bloggers you recommend following?

Create a great life!

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