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Style Breakdown: Joanna Gaines


Small series here, called “Style Breakdown” where I highlight some of my favorite style icons to get a little inspiration. Join along and let me know what stylish celebs I might be missing!

You know her. You (probably) love her. Meet this week’s celebrity style inspiration… Joanna Gaines.


Joanna and her husband Chip become well known thanks to their show “Fixer Upper”, which has now catapulted them to be the proud founders of what might be considered a media conglomerate.  The show originally started in May 2013, where they showed a couple three homes that need to be remodeled.  Thanks to Chip’s penchant for construction and Joanna’s rustic / shabby-chic flare, the show became an HGTV classic in our home.  (Sorry, House Hunters!)

Joanna’s style is casual, yet with a classic elegance at the same time.  There are several consistencies in her wardrobe, but not enough to make her look like she’s wearing the same thing everyday.  Here are the main pieces that I’ve noticed.

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If she’s wearing a dress, Joanna is going for the maxi.  Unlike what we’ve been told in our fashion training, she’s comfortable with the hem dragging around a bit, ultimately creating an elongating effect.   Allowing the dress to be the star of the show, Joanna typically accessorizes with simple denim and leather accents, either boots, simple flip flops, or a denim jacket.

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When I started this piece, I had thought that Joanna wore classic prints, such as a simple chevron or light stripe, but I was totally off.  Joanna sticks to looser fitting, more casual tops, but almost all are in solid colors.  If a pattern is included, it’s typically in the form of structured outerwear or the simple, long sweater in the cover image.

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Where Jojo does bring in the color is in her bold accessories.  She likes to pick one to use as a focal point, rather than piling on everything she owns.  But she makes sure that the chosen accessory is a stand out.  Common choices are leather or gold (or both) bracelets, large scarves, or unique drop earrings.  This is definitely the area where Joanna lets her creativity shine.

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If she’s not opting for maxi dresses (when she wears nude flip flops), Joanna prefers statement footware in boot or bootie form.  While there is significant variety in the booties she wears, she has two brown boots that she wears significantly more than others.  One pair being a work boot (left) and one a riding boot (middle.)  Her footware pretty much matches everything, but is usually dominant with her style.

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