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Style Breakdown: Ashley Olsen

Small series here, called “Style Breakdown” where I highlight some of my favorite style icons to get a little inspiration. Join along and let me know what stylish celebs I might be missing!

While their younger sister is making headlines lately, ever since I can remember, I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Olsen twins.  They’re less than six months older than me and rock at life.  No, I don’t support smoking your life away at your wedding, but that’s not what I see when I look at the Olsens.  I see two accomplished women that have reached a pinnacle of stardom that you don’t even realize they’re a part of due to their relaxed, under-the-spotlight nature.  For example, did you know that their brand The Row won “Womenswear Designer of the Year” from the CFDA in 2015 AND Accessories Designer of the Year in 2018 & 2019?  They’re still breaking records out of the everyday spotlight.

While I grew up being a bigger fan of Mary-Kate – primarily because I was the shorter, more smiley one amongst my friends –, I have fallen in love with Ashley’s sense of style.  She’s classic and pulled together on a regular basis.  She’s comfortable in basics, but does not hesitate to spice up her look when the time calls for it.  So let’s dig in to some of the tangible consistencies that help Ashley Olsen’s style shine.

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Back in the day, Ashley was known for being the fierce one with the edgy bangs and side part.  But being out all the Gen Z-ers out there, Ashley has stayed committed to the center part for several years now.  Whether leaving her hair down for a more casual look, or wrapping it in a low chignon, polished is always the direction she chooses.  To get this look, spray your brush with a teeny bit of hair spray before brushing in place.  It will keep the fly aways at bay, while not looking like you spent way too much time getting your hair to stay in the exactly correct spot.

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While Ashley seems to feel completely comfortable wearing everything from an all red suit, to a printed scarf / snake skin top combo, she seems most at home in simple, classic black and white.  This color combination is aggressively simple for someone so short for being in a world of tall individuals (fashion), but the fabrics and shapes she uses exude an elegance that is hard to ignore.  Whether through a draped back or by mixing together leather, satin, suede, and cotton, the final look becomes every bit as dramatic as if she was wearing bold brights.

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*Off topic, but the first picture is from 2008.  Well before any of us knew that leather pants were going to have a moment.  Touché, Ashley Olsen.*

While Ashley seems fairly willing to adjust her shoe style, she will rarely stray from the traditional button down.  Though, perhaps for added comfort, she goes for one that is well beyond her usual size, giving off that bohemian edge we’ve come to know from the Olsens.  To balance out this look, she makes sure to wear very structured bottoms, often tucking in the button down to create a look that is all her own, yet also right at home in the streets or on the red carpet.

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When it comes to outerware, Ashley tends to stick with a length that is at least covering her booty.  While she does have moments featuring cropped blazers, the longer outerware provides length and a larger presence to Ashley’s naturally small frame.  Combined with a heel or colorful pump, the overall look is intentional, while still being a style only Ashley could pull together.

What are some of your favorite Ashley Olsen moments?

Who are your style icons?

Create a great life!

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