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Style Breakdown: Olivia Wilde

Small series here, called “Style Breakdown” where I highlight some of my favorite style icons to get a little inspiration. Join along and let me know what stylish celebs I might be missing!

Olivia Wilde has been in the Hollywood scene since 2007.  Olivia is well known for her roles in “House”, “Tron: Legacy”, HBO’s “Vinyl”, as well as being an incredible producer/director and mother.  However, I’ve been a huge fan of her street style and fashion sense on the red carpet for quite a few years now.  Olivia has retro glam style that most of us only dream of – low key, yet pulled together and classic.  Beachy waves with almond-shaped eyes for days.

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Because it’s my dream to be a modest Kate Hudson, ala how I would essentially describe Olivia’s style, below are the main consistencies that I’ve been able to see in her fashion sense.  Ultimately, she’s classic, with a bohemian flare.  Wearing a style that is only her own, there are definite elements that we can incorporate into our own ensembles on an everyday basis.

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Olivia has been blessed with a strong, athletic, model’s body where clothing hangs on her perfectly like a hanger.  While I, and likely many out there, don’t have a similar body type, there are definite lessons that we can take from this aesthetic.  Specifically, the fact that she regularly highlights her waist, even with her bohemian vibes.  When I think of bohemian, I typically think almost a baggy hippy chic.  But the form-fitting nature of Olivia’s style picks makes her looks classic and tasteful.

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Alongside her structured silhouettes, Olivia regularly pairs beachy waves to make her look a bit more casual.  Still styled to a tee, her casual waves can regularly be achieved for everyday with less time using the hair dryer, and more time air drying.  If you much prefer to use a hair dryer due to efficiency or because it’s something you’re more used to, then I’d recommend using a straightener to make waves by starting right below the crown of the head and placing imperfect waves back and forth down the length of your hair.  Don’t be too specific with your technique here, because much of the allure of beachy waves is that you didn’t spend too much time getting ready for the day.

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Most of Olivia’s most striking and newsworthy looks have one thing in common, a dressed up décolletage and/or tasteful use of a choker.  When I think of chokers, I often think of some of my misguided high school fashion decisions, but Olivia and many well-known fashion bloggers (see: Danielle of Who Wore What) are bringing them back into the limelight.  When Olivia wears a choker, she regularly pairs it with a plunging neckline, minimal additional accessories, and definitely uses a highlighter to accent her collarbone – I regularly use this highlighter lightly on my nose and to highlight my collarbone, in addition to my cheekbones.

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When it comes to Olivia’s street style, she’s often rockin’ solids or simple looks, but goes all out in making a statement with her outerware.  With an obviously wide array of options in her closet, she maintains the straight silhouette, but allows her coat to become her primary accessory.  Nobody ever said we have to look like a schlump just because there’s a little chill in the air!

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