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New Product Trial: Portable Protein Pack

2015_3 16 (1)I’ve been scouting out some healthy, quick snacks to take to work for snack time.  While these always kind of look like a joke in ads (I mean, really, they aren’t that difficult to pull together solo), I can’t lie… these were pretty good.  This was a bit over 100 calories, but it was great to tide me over to the next meal. While I wouldn’t pay $5 for these, they’ve been $1 lately at our local King Soopers.  I’d definitely say that it’s worth it for that price – even just to save time when packing meals for the day. I’d give Protein Power Packs a 4 out of 5… tasty and worthwhile, taking off one point for lack of creativity.


What tasty, easy snacks do you like to bring to work?  Do you pack food or go out to eat each day?

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