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Perfecting Ponytails

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While trends come and go, there are certain classics that will always remain.  One of my favorites –  alongside the simple, black blazer and simple, pearl earrings – is the ponytail.

But how do you make this old staple look, well, not so old?  As a seasoned vet at making the ponytail work for work or play, let’s chat through 5 of my favorite ways to make your ponytail look brand new again!

1. The easiest / my favorite ponytail is the messy ponytail.  The “I didn’t have to work that hard, my hair naturally looks this good” look, if you will.  This one works perfectly if you’re not supposed to wash your hair that day (you all don’t wash your hair every day, right?!), or if you’re just getting out of the gym.  The key to this one is to nix the brush and consider investing in some sea salt spray.  Use your fingers to sweep back your hair and tie it up with two hair ties to give it a little “oomph.”

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2. An incredibly simple way to make your style look classic is to tie your hair around the elastic.  For this look, that takes maybe 5 extra seconds, start by creating a sleek ponytail.  Once the face framing pony looks to your liking, peel a small section from the bottom of the pony.  Wrap it around the elastic, and use a bobby pin to pin the section into the elastic.  Simple, and you fully look pulled together.

2015_3 19 (3)3. While ribbons have the potential to look “cheerleader-y” (real word?), a low-placed one actually looks a lot more pulled together than you might think.  Roll two outer sections into a low ponytail, and tie with elastic as normal.  From there, place a long ribbon just behind your hairline, allowing it to follow along the rolled sections.  Wrap the ribbon underneath the elastic, then around once or twice before tying into a bow.  Seamlessly pulled together in ten seconds flat!

2015_3 19 (2)4. If you’re like me, you regularly pull off the side part.  But when I want to quickly look professional, I always stick with the center part.  In creating this simple look, be sure to use a bit of hair spray (I mean, very little) to control any fly-aways you may have if that’s not your usual part.

2015_3 19 (6)5. Kate Middleton, could I love you more?  While we’re used to Princess Kate having an unreal blow out, she looks even more perfect rockin the pony.  To create this look, her hairstylist was certain to significantly back-comb at the corn of the head, then brush down the top layer.  The problem that I see a lot of women have with this look is that they try to back comb their whole noggin.  Skip the sides and focus towards the back to keep the look perfectly primped.  Finish off with trick #2 in a low pony, and you’re princess ready!

2015_3 19 (4)Join the Conversation

How do you make your ponytails look pulled together and classic?  What other hairstyles do you love to use when you’re in a hurry?

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