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New Product Trial: Jolly Time 100-Calorie Pack Popcorn

Just like seemingly everything, my snack favorites come in phases.  Right now, I have a HUGE obsession with popcorn.  It’s low calorie (pending what kind you get), filling, and tastes like a little bit of heaven.  While I love Garrett’s Chicago Mix, I have to be real… the caramel / cheesy goodness isn’t as tasty for my waistline when I’m watching the sweets intake.

Meet Jolly Time’s 100 Calorie Mini Popcorn Bags.  These aren’t brand new to the shelf, but a recent discovery from when I had a little extra time at King Soopers this past weekend.  I have to say, these are GREAT afternoon snack time goodies.  I feel full through the end of the day, but I feel far from guilty afterwards.  Don’t expect a super cheesy indulgence with this one – the taste is more on the bland side than movie theater popcorn.  But it’s a quick, easy snack time indulgence (or something) that I would highly recommend!


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