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It’s All in the Details

Whenever I see outfits that I love, I’ve noticed that it’s actually the small details that attract my eye.  It’s the small eyelet pattern on a Lilly dress, the layered strands of pearls notoriously worn by Coco Chanel on a daily basis, or the masculine look of tweed on the feminine shape of a well-worn pencil skirt that really make a look work for fashionista.

Today, I’m wearing a traditionally masculine tuxedo dress shirt with a classic detachable collar, mixed with traditionally feminine small, pearl earrings.  These two classic pieces caught my eye because they make the look interesting.  It’s a dichotomy that draws your eye in, while also staying tasteful and pulled together for the workday.


FullSizeRender (1)


What small details did you incorporate into your ensemble today that make your look stand out from the rest?  Do you have any favorite details that you love to wear time and time again because they “bring the whole look together?”

Create a great day!

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