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Meet Our New Associate Social Media Manager, Caitlin!

As Semi-Sweet Tooth has grown, so has the need for a larger team to help me manage content and posting as I focus on the day-to-day tasks of growing and running a business.  And with that, I am SO excited to introduce you to our new Associate Social Media Manager, Caitlin.

When I began writing my original blog, I was just a bit younger than Caitlin is now.  I was living with friends in Cincinnati and navigating the confusing, exciting, sometimes-dramatic life of a girl in her 20s.  And I’m so honored that many of you have followed me as I’ve evolved throughout the years.  From moving to Chicago and now Denver, starting and growing Semi-Sweet Tooth to what it is today, and now exploring my 30s as a single girl in this wonderful city – I’m excited to have Caitlin on board to bring in a new perspective and to discuss some topics that I know she holds dear.

Over the past few weeks, Caitlin has integrated seamlessly into the world of Semi-Sweet Tooth and I’m so thrilled to have brought her on board.  Below, I wanted to ask her a few questions so that you can get to know and love Caitlin as much as I already do.

Tell us a little about yourself, what brought you to Denver?

Originally from Northern Virginia, I just moved to the Denver area spring 2017. I have just begun graduate degree program from the University of Colorado Denver for School Psychology. I had only visited Denver once previous to deciding to move here, so there was quite a learning curve in navigating this city! Nonetheless, I am loving my new home for (at least, if not more) the next four years!

Why did you want to join Semi-Sweet Tooth?

I was attracted to Semi-Sweet Tooth upon first seeing Jessica’s Instagram account. I really identified with the positive message that each of her posts embody. I am wholly invested in not only being a positive source for others around me, but also being a positive and kind source for myself. I believe self-love is at the root of all of our individual successes – how we got there and why.

Favorite thing you’ve done in Denver since you moved here?

I have had a chance to explore a lot since moving to Denver. My favorite places thus far are out of the city and towards the mountains. I love all of the outdoor activities and incredible views this state has to offer. And I am so excited for my first winter here!

What are you most excited about in your new role?

I am thrilled to be able to work under and learn from Jessica! She knows so much about a field I know little of and is so influential and important to her followers! I see a creative spark in our connection, and I’m so excited to see how that emerges in our collaborative works.

Most recent trip and next trip planned?

My most recent trip was in April when I traveled to Charleston, S.C. for my older sister’s bachelorette party. And coming up I will be heading back to Northern Virginia to spend the winter holidays with my family. I’m also hoping that in the near future I’ll get the opportunity to take a trip to the states bordering Colorado. First on my list – Wyoming!

One thing you never leave the house without?

Chapstick. I am obsessed with chapstick! Burts Bees is my go-to favorite right now.

Are you a early morning or late night person?

I’m definitely an early morning person. I am so much more productive in the morning! I love to watch the sun come up, see the dew on the grass and trees, and waking up to hear the birds start to chirp. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun setting too, of course. Both are magical, but, in my opinion, there is something particularly exhilarating about the start of a new day. The idea of “newness” is so fresh. The possibilities are endless.  What you do and how you feel and act are totally up to you.

Favorite music you’re playing on repeat right now?

Kendall Street Company, Earth Turns.

One thing you make sure you do every day or every week?

I always make sure to fit in some physical exercise into my week. Lately, I’ve found the most noticeable benefits from running. It helps my mind and body get to the right place. Depending on my week, I may not be able to fit in a run every day, but that’s okay! A few days of rest are necessary for my body to feel it’s best, too.

Most looking forward to in 2018?

Adventuring throughout the great state of Colorado! In 2018, I am hoping to hike my first mountain over 14,000 feet (14’er), go white water rafting, and finally make it to the ski slopes. I’m also excited to visit my older sister in Georgia, and my sister in Virginia, and for both of them to come to Colorado for the first time.

Something you could do for hours and never get sick of?

I could sit down and enjoy a meal with family and friends for hours and never, ever get sick of the food or the family and friends. Sitting around the table to enjoy a good meal always creates such a strong sense of community. My family has always valued family dinners, and they sometimes last for hours on end! We often finish our meals and continue enjoying each other’s company for an extended period of time, long after the food and drinks are gone – most of the time without noticing. I find myself having this value in my own home today, too. Food is often the center of a friendly gathering and if I’m with friends or family, you can guarantee a delicious meal will be involved!

Lightning Round:

Favorite TV Show – Game of Thrones

Favorite Movie – The Cloud Atlas

Favorite Food – Chocolate of any kind

Savory or Sweet – Sweet

Ski or Snowboard – Ski

Cat or Dog – Dog

Favorite Item of Clothing –  My LL Bean parka. It comes past my knees and is perfect for Colorado!

Go-To Drink Order (non-alcoholic) – Kombucha is my favorite, but usually I don’t drink anything besides water. 🙂

Go-To Drink Order (alcoholic) – Red Blend or an IPA

Most Used App on Your Phone – Email

One Word Your Friends Would Use to Describe You – Passionate


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