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Perfecting the Art of Balance in Fashion

While I do not consider myself to be a fashion blogger at this point (lifestyle is more my game and I’ll likely never completely go in a fashion direction), I do get several questions about how to pull an ensemble together.  Typical questions are, “What is the first item you pick out each morning?” or “Are there certain colors you wear everyday?”  While I can definitely answer both of these questions (my shoes and denim or navy blue), I’m not certain those are the most important questions.

The Art of Balance in Fashion

I feel the most important question is actually, “What do you want to highlight?”  Do you want to highlight your legs?  Are you feeling especially proud of your shoulders?  Is your collarbone begging for some air?  Pick that element and highlight it by allowing the rest of your ensemble to feel more conservative.  This is the ultra- fashion secret that will have your style and  ensemble looking classic and sexy, rather than ever crossing to line to looking slutty.

So, let’s talk how you can highlight any of those areas you select.  Below are my top four picks and my favorite ways to let those body parts shine…


Just like the pictures above or below, I’ve become a huge fan of leggings or boot cut denim with a looser ftting top.  When you’re highlighting your legs, there is no reason to wear a form fitting top.  But do feel free to extend the form fitting nature to pair the body hugging pants to a pair of boots or pointed-toe heels for an extra elongating impact.

Fall + florals. Perfect mix of Vintage Americana & a touch of hipster/military, finished with soft, feminine touches.:


When highlighting your back, make sure it’s not with an incredibly form-fitting dress.  Stick to a length that is knee-length or longer and a more relaxed front.  It will let the back of your ensemble speak for you.  Also, holding good posture is key to pulling off this look, because it will highlight your hunched shoulders if you don’t stand up straight.  Pull your shoulders back and abs in to exude confidence all day long!

Pretty Peach Dress - Midi Dress - Backless Dress - $58.00:



One trend that is coming back that I love (but usually do not rock personally), is the off-the-shoulder look.  If you have shoulders for days and can’t wait for Spring weather, then stick to a looser shape to really let your shoulders shine.  (And, shameless plug, if you’re looking to get to this point, check out this back and shoulder workout for a good time.)

The Row / Spring 2016 Trends / Bar none, the body part to bare for spring? Your shoulders—a chic new way to show a little skin while leaving plenty up to the imagination.:



When your goal is to highlight your collarbone (my usual pick!), use the look of a v-neck or boat neck top to draw attention up to your neck and facial features.  Wear clothing that is not noticeably form fitting otherwise to keep the look tasteful.  Pro tip: Put concealer on your collarbone and bronzer or a darker concealer along the natural contours of your collarbone.  This will intensify the overall look of your collarbone, but keep everything looking natural.

1 Haircut, 6 Styles: The Lob....Shoulder grazing style.. "A choppy bob that sits just below the collarbone; asymmetrical or less than perfect shapes deflect attention away from wrinkles":


What is your favorite body part to highlight?

How do you maintain a balanced fashion sense?

Create a great life!

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