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Long Lob Inspiration

After about a year of not cutting my hair, I am about to be donating ten inches in memory of my mother’s sweet friend Anita who lost her life to cancer earlier this year.  While my mother was the supportive friend standing my her side as they both shaved their heads during Anita’s chemo, I told her then that I would grow my hair to donate it to wig-based charities.

Thanks to the length, which I chose to leave so that there was no risk of it getting to my eyes during the marathon, my newfound haircut will be just longer than shoulder-length.

Seeing as I’ll be going to a new salon (I still don’t have one in Chicago, eek!), lots and lots of pictures are going to be included in my appointment.  Below are the pictures I’ll be working with and some top tips as to what to request, as written by my past, Denver-based stylist.

Please note that my hair is very thick with thin strands and relatively straight, thus the pictures below are relatively catered to this style of hair.  Though one of the best things about this style is that it’s great for almost every style of hair!  I highly recommend scouring Pinterest and google before heading in for your appointment.



love this look! slouchy jumper with skinny jeans, the perfect mix between casual and classy:


Long hair with lots of layers. Add short layers in with it.:


The Fabulous Long Straight Hairstyles with Layers - maybe not quite as many, but this is beautiful:

Also from:

What I’ll Request at the Salon

  • Request a v-grade in the back because I feel that it adds shape and dimension.
  • Ask them to texture, rather than layer. This technique masks length if you go without haircuts a while and end sup air drying with a more relaxed than messy feel.
  • A few, light face-framing layers in the front are ideal.
  • Even though you may move around your part quite a bit, always ask the stylist to part your hair in the middle.  This ensures your hair is cut symmetrically, regardless of the style you’ve chosen for that specific day.

Join the Conversation

Do you tend to stick with the same hair cut fairly regularly, or do you prefer to mix it up?  What are your favorite methods to get inspiration before jumping in, or do you just trust your stylist?

Create a great life!

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