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New Product Trial: Pure & True INFUSE Organic Beauty Moisturizer

Late last week, I attended an event at a new store in Denver called Aillea.  The store is essentially an all-natural Sephora.    After chatting with the owner a while, I learned an incredible amount about natural products and why they make a difference.  It’s amazing to think of the toxins we’re putting on our skin and absorbing into our bodies on a regular basis!  Katherine, the owner, actually shared that most women get into natural products when they’re pregnant, because that’s when they get concerned about the ingredients of their beauty products.  But I’m willing to jump on board in advance.

10 19 15_1 While at the store, I purchased a Pure & True facial moisturizer to use for both day and night.  It’s only been a couple of days and it’s FANTASTIC thus far!  It’s a light consistency (pictured below) that is perfect for all skin types and it’s kept my skin supple and soft all day.  The ingredients include vitamin A, B, C, E, rosehip seed oil, blue-green algae, among many other organic ingredients.  But what’s more important to me is what they DON’T put into the product.  They avoid parabens, artificial coloring, artificial fragrances, sulphates, and petroleum-derived products.

10 19 15_3 Thus far, it’s been a worthwhile transition since my previous, grocery-shelf moisturizer.  While I’m all for affordable product, this purchase will last much longer, and at ~$75 I feel that it’s absolutely worth it to keep my face in good condition.  I’d give this product an A-… love it, but I’m still new to the natural beauty product scene.  I’m looking forward to knowing how my skin will be impacted longer term and will absolutely write a longer post on natural beauty pending results.


Are you a big fan of natural beauty products?  If so, what products do you use?  If not, have you considered switching some products over to natural?

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