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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Women

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I always love putting together gift guides for the holidays. From sparking creative ideas on my side to coming up with fun gifts to show my friends and family that I’m thinking about them, there’s a reason why “gifts” is one of my top Love Languages!

While my daily life tends to focus very casual and relaxed, I always like to think of the person I’m giving the gift to first and foremost. What are their interests and what are the things in life that bring them the most joy? I want them to open their gift on the holidays and know that I had their heart in mind when purchasing.

You’ll notice that the sections below are in that vein.  I’ve separated them into three sections – one for the fitness junkies, one for the fashion lovers out there, and one for the home / beauty expert. Hopefully you’ll spot something you love!

But also, before we dive into all of the pretty things, we should know that we are incredibly fortunate to have everything we need. So, if you’d like to give back across this season, I’d highly recommend one of these three organizations.

Team Nelson: Started by a very close friend of mine, Team Nelson is working to send Tanzanian orphans to school.  When you sponsor a child, or even offer a monthly gift of $10, you’ll know exactly which student you are sponsoring, as well as get updates from their specific orphanage and school. I know for a fact that their administration costs are as close to $0 as you can get, and I can vouch for the fact that hearts are in the right place for everyone involved.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: I know that there are several causes that we can help right here at home, but this just happens to be a cause that speaks directly to my heart.  They are advancing cures and providing treatment, no matter the family’s ability to pay. So your donation goes to life-saving treatments that will be saving the life of many children for years to come.

Heifer International: With this organization, you can purchase an animal and they will give it to an impoverished family in need. These animals not only help to feed and sustain the family it’s gifted to, but also the family’s community.  They also become another stream of income, allowing the sale of things such as goat’s milk or fresh honey from their bee hive.

And, with that, let’s dive in!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Women

*A gift guide for guys is on the way, but ladies first.*

1.Response Jacket 2. Mobility RockBalls 3. AfterShokz Headphones 4. Yoga Knee Pad 5. Prime 4 Backpack

For the Fitness Junkie

Response Jacket

Available Here.

This water-resistant jacket includes a hood, reflectors, and pre-shaped elbows. It’s perfect for rainy-day runs, and I love using it as a lighter layer under my running vests or a heavier jacket in the winter. Plus, it’s cute enough to go from daily life straight to my favorite running spots without the need for an outfit change.

Mobility RockBalls

Available Here.

My chiropractor guided me towards these, and now I’m hooked! They’re amazing for self myofacial release, the spikes hurt oh-so-good, and they’re light enough to be portable for travel. These will definitely be joining me on all of my flights in the near future. (Perhaps TMI, but I have one of these rolling under my feet right now post-workout. #dreamy)

AfterShokz Headphones

Available Here.

I originally received a pair of these when I first started training on my bike for my triathlons. Connected to my phone via bluetooth, these headphones sit right outside of your earlobes. This means that you can both hear your music and timers with clarity, while also being able to have an extra level of situational awareness – aka, hearing the sounds around you.  I feel much safer and it’s amazing what you’ll notice around you once you unblock your ears. (Bonus: The ones I linked to also include reflective strips for extra safety!)

Yoga Knee Pad

Available Here.

Maybe I’m showing my age a bit here, but yoga mats don’t have as much padding as they used to.  That’s fine and dandy for easy transportation and especially for hot yoga, but my knees hurt when they’re on the floor.  Luckily, there must be some others out there with bad knees, because this knee pad is incredible. Lightweight and thinner than a traditional block, but hefty enough to allow me to do kneeling poses with comfort. I highly recommend.

Prime 4 Backpack

Available Here.

While this backpack was built for everyday use, I love using it as my everyday gym bag. It’s incredibly roomy, but has pockets galore to separate all of my necessities.  It’s very comfortable to carry, provides great back support, and easily fits everything I need for gym or day all in one bag.

1. Camel Tote Bag 2. Camel, Wool Trench Coat 3. Classic adidas SST Track Jacket 4. AOK002 Sunglasses 5. Halo Stud Earrings

For the Fashion Lover

Camel Tote

Available Here.

I love a good bag that can carry it all, but still looks pulled together. This bag holds all my necessities and more, but looks polished enough for work meetings. I love to carry my calendar, notebook, and a tablet to visit clients, and this has become my standby bag for those meetings. (Plus, you can’t beat that price, amIright.)

Camel, Wool Trench Coat

Available Here.

You can’t beat a classic trench, but my one for rainy days doesn’t hold up in the cold of this winter. While this definitely isn’t my warmest jacket, it’s perfect to layer over a classic wool sweater on colder winter days. It’s the quality look that I’ll be wearing for years and years to come.

Classic adidas SST Track Jacket

Available Here.

Can anything beat the vintage look of a track jacket? It’s the ideal athleisure piece that compliments your look and helps you look pulled together, no matter how much you’re hiding your bed head under that beanie. I especially love the three-stripe detail down the sleeve of this jacket, which makes this look authentic, but still modern enough to be worn regularly today.

AOK002 Sunglasses

Available Here.

I have something to admit… I’m somewhat of a sunglasses hoarder. But at least they’re all regularly put to use. These are my newest acquisition and I can’t put them down.  They have a fashion-forward look, but are lightweight and adjustable, meaning that they’re comfortable for every girl on the go.  Perfect, even when you don’t know the perfect size for the person intended.

Halo Stud Earrings

Available Here.

You can’t go wrong with a classic stud earring, and I’ve gotten these earrings for several individuals knowing that they’re the perfect answer.  A little bit dressier than the classic pearl, but still tamed down for everyday. I may even have to buy myself a pair this year!

1. Lulu Soy Candle 2. Age Delay Pillow 3. Invisibobble Hair Ties 4. Silk Pillowcase 5. Snail Korean Face Masks

For the Home & Beauty Expert

Lulu Soy Candle

Available Here.

These candles are delicious to smell. Hand poured right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A, they’re long lasting and not super toxic like the stuff you get in the grocery store.  While I’m a fan of the Amber, Rose, & Sheer Musk scent (trust me on this), Lulu has several different scents available to fulfill every taste and preference.

Age Delay Pillow

Available Here.

I regularly have conversations with my friends about the “best way to sleep” and how to prevent signs of aging. And this pillow is designed to fulfill exactly those needs! It’s designed in a way to encourage more restful sleep positions, while also minimizing portions of sleep that can accelerate signs of aging, such as sheet marks and scrunching. This is another one that’s one my list this year, too!

Invisibobble Hair Ties

Available Here.

I’ve been using these for well over a year now and am in love. For me, they’re not the right size to wear when I’m working out, but I otherwise wear them constantly. They come in a wide variety of colors and size – I have a good friend that uses the gold ones in a low pony and it makes the look seem much more luxe and polished.  An easy way to elevate your anyone’s look in no time at all!

Silk Pillowcase

Available Here.

I’ve been talking about the benefits of silk pillowcases for years. So if you know someone that’s not yet on board with the silk pillowcase trend, then it’s time to get them one as a gift! Silk pillowcases reduce tugging and friction, which protects the delicate skin on your face and helps to reduce bedhead. Plus, silk fibers are less absorbent than cotton, so your natural oils stay on your face where they’re supposed to be.

Snail Korean Face Masks

Available Here.

There were a lot of things that I picked up from my trip to Korea and Japan, but one of them was these face masks. I’m obsessed with them! Especially if you live in an area full of dry air, like pretty much everywhere in the winter, then these gifts are the perfect stocking stuffer for those you love.

This post was sponsored by adidas, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for your support!

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