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7 Beauty Products Inspired by Food & Drinks – Meet the Korean Sheet Mask!

About one week before our wedding, I started getting incredibly dry skin right under my nose, but above my upper lip. Caused by either stress or the dry air in the mountains, I didn’t care, but I wanted it gone. So when I called my makeup artist to chat and catch up, and she recommended a honey Korean sheet mask, I gave it a try.

Surprising to me, it worked like a charm! Less than a week later, my skin was looked absolutely glowing – so much so that I still use them at least once a week. So when I talked to an expert on Korean sheet masks, Cassy Hathaway, I know that I had to pick her brain! Check out some of her top recommendations below!

Rita Ora Sheet Mask
Rita Ora enjoying a Korean Sheet Mask

Interestingly, when talking about Korean beauty products, most people think about the weird yet effective ingredients used to make them, such as snail slime or syn-ake. (Yuck!) But in reality, there are also many items that are surprisingly created from food and drinks that we encounter every day.

To prove it, here are 7 kinds of sheet masks created from your daily eats that are easy to use and incredibly worthwhile to incorporate into your everyday routine:

1. Honey
This natural sweetener is a common addition to many breakfast items and desserts. However, it’s also a top ingredient in sheet masks due to its hydrating and healing properties – as Jessica has witnessed. Another popular ingredient in cosmetics, propolis, is closely related to honey—this anti-inflammatory, resin-like material is often harvested from beehives.
Must-try: Papa Recipe – Bombee Honey Mask, Mimiang – Spring Flower Honey Mask

2. Milk
If you’re someone who still drinks a glass of milk every day, you may also consider using a sheet mask with milk included on a daily basis. After all, milk won’t just give you stronger bones when you drink it. Masks with this ingredient also promise smoother, firmer, more elastic skin. No wonder Cleopatra was said to bathe in milk everyday! (Though we agree, a sheet mask is much more convenient.)
Must-try: 3W Clinic – Fresh Milk Mask Sheet, Choonee – Goat’s Milk Nourishing Mask Pack


Lady Gaga

3. Avocado
It’s not just for your guacamole anymore! This fruit has the power to brighten and lift sagging skin, while offering rich hydration and nourishing. Perfect for a pick-me-up treat after a long day.
Must-try: Tony Moly – I’m Real Avocado Sheet Mask, LACVERT – LV Real Food Recipe Sheet Mask (Avocado)

4. Tea
Of course, everyone knows about the healing properties of tea, which is why it remains a popular drink. But that’s also the reason why teas are popular ingredients in sheet masks. With oolong tea for brightening, jasmine tea for hydration, and the ever-popular green tea as an anti-inflammatory solution, there’s a tea that’s perfect for what your skin needs.
Must-try: banila co. Tea Party Sheet Masks (Ginseng, Oolong, English Breakfast, Rose, and Black), eKeL – Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask (Green Tea)

5. Berries
Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are not just great snacks, nor tasty additions to your favorite desserts. Several brands offer sheet masks that feature these fruits for their moisturizing properties. These berries are also packed with vitamins as well, helping you achieve that mythical dewy-skinned look.
Must-try: SKIN79 – Fruit Mask (Strawberry Girl), The Face Shop – Real Nature Mask Sheet Blueberry

6. Mango
Like berries and avocados, this sweet fruit is not only great to eat. It’s also a delicious treat for your skin! Sheet masks with this ingredient can brighten and hydrate your face at the same time.
Must-try: Nature Republic – Nature Seed Mask Sheet (Mango), Missha – Pure Source Cell Sheet Mask (Mango)


Chrissy Teigen

7. Rice
Rice is a prime staple of Asian cuisine, with different cultures across the continent having it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Now, rice is starting to be a staple in everyday beauty regimens, as well! Rice sheet masks promise brighter, more luminous complexions, and some even have exfoliating and brightening properties!

Must-try: Innisfree – It’s Real Squeeze Mask (Rice), Skinfood – Beauty In A Food Mask Sheet (Rice)


Have you ever tried a Korean sheet mask?

What traditional food or drinks have you incorporated into your beauty routine?

Create a great life!

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