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Gift Guide: For the Men in Your Life

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For whatever reason, I always find guys difficult to buy for over the holidays. They ask for logical things, like socks or a new phone charger, but rarely request anything fun or whimsical.

Because of this reason, I tend to lean most of my gifts for guys towards more traditional, classic, and useful picks.  Things that remind me of the individual specifically, but can be used everyday.  Typically, these gifts come as things that I know the guy needs, but in a more luxe or high-end version than I know they would get themselves.

The two caveats I have when purchasing gifts to give to guys is if there’s something I know he’d want related to his favorite hobby – such as a specific golf rangefinder or newly available camera lens – or if there’s a specific event coming to town that he’d be interested in attending.  I LOVE getting events as gifts for people, but with scheduling issues and pricing, I get a little bit nervous about buying unless I’m certain that the event is the one they’re looking forward to seeing.

With these thoughts in mind, here are some of my favorite gifts I’ll be purchasing for the fantastic men in my life this year – some that I may have a hard time not getting for myself, too. *wink*

1.Genuine Leather Weekender Bag  2.Spartan Carton Subscription 3.Eclipse 3 Port USB Charger 4. Black Sneakers 5.Gin + Tonic Shave Bar 
6.George Ezra Vinyl 7.Digital Record Player 
8.Golf Practice Mat 9.Water Flosser 10.Old School Nintendo 11.Monogrammed Mixologist Set

Gift Guide for the Guys

Genuine Leather Weekender Bag

Available Here

A classic weekender bag is a must for almost everyone on my list. Personally, I love a good leather duffel. It ages well, stays strong no matter how many trips you take across the year, and is masculine enough for every guy to feel “cool” and classic when carrying it through the airport.

Spartan Carton Subscription

Available Here

I love giving subscriptions as gifts. The person who receives it knows that you’re thinking about them throughout the whole year (whether you’re in person or not), and they get to keep enjoying your well-thought out gift for months to come. Perhaps it’s just the crowd that I hang out with, but these Spartan Cartons are really home runs lately for the men in my life. They include supplements, healthy snacks, and workout gear to help your guys stay in tip top shape. But if this specific subscription service isn’t your jive, I’d dig around on Amazon to find one that your man will love. From wine, to BBQ sauce, to men’s skincare, there’s bound to be one he’ll love to receive.

Eclipse 3 Port USB Charger

Available Here

At least in my home, I regularly run out of charging space while trying to charge everything in the same moment. Charging my phone, my computer, plus anyone else’s phone should they be around equals cords galore, searching for plugs, and just a hassle in general. But this charger solves all that, setting you up for three chargers in one. Plus it looks classy enough to leave on the counter, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Black Sneakers

Available Here

As if everyone had discussed it together, I know several men who are on the search for a simple, black, casual shoe.  I’m loving the clean look and lines of the ones I have pictured above, and I’ve heard regularly how this specific shoe can be comfortably worn for hours. But if a different casual shoe speaks to the man in your life, then I’d suggest looking for a clean leather look with a plain, white sole. This simple palette makes the look feel casual enough for everyday, but classic enough to not look like gym wear.

Gin + Tonic Shave Bar

Available Here

Almost all guys I know shave, but almost every guy I know is terrible with skincare. So the easiest way I know to get them to take care of their skin is to implement something really good into something they already do in their regimen.  This shave bar smells delicious and is so easy to use that men will immediately feel the difference. And (hint) this is a gift that you may want to invest in yourself. I use this shave bar to shave and am obsessed! 

George Ezra Vinyl

Available Here

I’ve been listening to this album on repeat during my trip to the Middle East and I’m determined that everyone likes what they hear. Alternative with a soulful pop vibe, relatable lyrics and beats that just make you want to sing along. It’s the perfect album to play on vinyl with deep tones and a slight sense of melancholy that feels at home.  I can’t recommend this album enough!

Digital Record Player

Available Here

I’m still operating with an old 1964 record player that I rehabbed years ago, but I’m planning to update to a digital one, stat.  This one is my favorite right now, and it’s the perfect gift for the guy in your life that wants a mixture of nostalgia mixed with top notch technology.  Plus, it’s the perfect decorative element to bring a little interest into every home.

Golf Practice Mat

Available Here

Almost every guy in my life loves to golf.  Though, living primarily between Denver, Breckenridge, and Chicago, the Winter months are not typically the best times to get out there to “play a quick 18.” For those that prefer indoor fun, this wallet-friendly practice mat includes three different types of turf for easy practice year round.  It even includes practice tees so that your guy’s drive doesn’t lose any momentum in the cold of winter!

Water Flosser

Available Here

It’s weird, until you try it. Water flossing is the easiest, most effective way to floss… even the laziest dental care dude will be able to keep up with this piece of the regimen! This will help keep their teeth pearly white and their gums healthy for years to come. Now who doesn’t love healthy teeth and gums?!

Old School Nintendo

Available Here

It’s fun. It’s retro. It doesn’t take up too much space in your home. And I have yet to meet a guy that doesn’t love this gift. Added bonus if you buy two controllers so that you can play a feisty game of Super Mario Brothers.

Monogrammed Bar Set

Available Here

Everyone loves monograms, but what guy wouldn’t love them even more when they’re attached to a stiff beverage? A monogrammed bar set is perfect for every man, from your grandfather to the new college grad. It’s the classic addition to every bar cart – and if he learns to make your favorite drink, then that just happens to be an added perk, too!

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