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Studio Review: The Barre Code

This post includes a full review of my experience with our nearby The Barre Code in Denver.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Always speak to a doctor before making changes to your current fitness program.

Studio Review: The Barre Code

Back when I lived in Chicago, I had tried The Barre Code when it was branded as Barre Be Fit.  While I enjoyed the class I attended back then, I knew that I needed a studio or gym that had a wider variety of classes than only traditional barre and decided against making it my everyday studio.

Knowing that the business had changed dramatically, both in branding and class offerings, I couldn’t wait to try out some of the classes I had been hearing so much about from those The Barre Code committed folks!

The classes that they offer currently range between strength training, restorative, and cardio, which means that studio members get a lot more well rounded exercise routine then they would have back in the day.

Wanting to get the gist of The Barre Code’s core classes, I decided to try their hot strength training class called Burn.

What is The Barre Code?

The Barre Code was built on the concept that members live by a specific code created by founders Ariana Chernin and Jillian Lorenz.

“We live by the code.  The Barre Code.  We believe in our bodies.  Our abilities.  Our strength.  We accept the differences that make us beautiful and strive for beauty that makes a difference. Every day we work hard to achieve our potential.  To dig deep and discover what we are capable of.  To earn our bodies.  We are relentless.  We live to evolve.  To exceed our own extraordinary expectations.  We live by The Barre Code.”

While the classes have developed to create a more well-rounded offering, the consistency of the brand is that they are committed to helping women become their strongest, fittest selves, both on the inside and out.

Barre Code 3

Me post-workout with instructor Simona – check out how high her heels are here!!  A girl can dream…

How did I find the studio to be unique?

In signing up for this class, I had anticipated that the studio would be similar to most traditional barre studios and classes that I’ve attended, where they have a core class offering and slightly develop it to be different based on skill level or preference.

But what I found is that the classes available at The Barre Code currently are much more, in my opinion, complete.

A member of The Barre Code (“TBC”) has access to nine different classes that range from BarRestore, focusing on deep stretches and meditation, to Brawl, which highlights elements of kickboxing.

While the specific studio I visited isn’t the most spacious, meaning that the times of the classes they offered were tough to fit into my schedule, the fact that such a wide variety of classes are offered is definitely a plus in my book.

Barre Code 1

The studio itself has blue lighting filling the space, which is both calming and energizing.

What is the flow of a typical TBC class?

Unfortunately, as all of the classes vary by area of focus, I have a feeling that the structure likely varies, as well.

However, for the class I attended, Burn, I found that it is The Barre Code’s traditional “Barre Code” class, but shortened to 45 minutes (from 50 minutes) and in a 95 degree room.

Ultimately, while hot classes are absolutely not right for everyone, the heat detoxifies the body and elevates your heart rate to a higher level than a traditional class.  I’m usually a fan, but I highly recommend bringing a large bottle of water and towel to class, as well as eating a well-rounded meal prior.

The class was structured loosely as:

  • 15 minutes of thigh work
  • 10 minutes of arm work (3 lb weights were surprisingly tough for me)
  • 10 minutes of booty work
  • 5 minutes of abs
  • 5 minutes of stretching.

Each portion felt a little quick for my liking, being a little bit rushed between the sections of class, but I did love that it was total body and every muscle group was shaking by the time I left class.

The class itself was well attended, with about 15 members joining.  In this smaller space, I’m certain that they could still fit more women, but it left enough space to breathe, which is always nice for hot temperature classes.  We each had ample room during floor work, as well as being offered a designated spot on the bar for the barre work portion of class, as we did jump between floor and barre work throughout full 45 minutes.

Would I make this “my” studio?

I would absolutely consider making this my regular studio.

For my personal preferences, I do wish that I was able to try a Cardio and Restorative class so that I could tell if they could replace my current cardio time at the gym and yoga studio.  However, judging by the class offerings and studio space alone, I would recommend this space to women looking for a new studio to call home in Denver.

Something about this studio space felt very inspiring – I was being pushed to work hard, but still modified exercises to a point where I felt comfortable.  Everyone I met was very kind, inclusive, and welcoming.  I believe that it would be a joy to be surrounded by this environment on a regular basis.

Barre Code 2

“Sweat, Strength, Restore” fills the back wall of the studio space.

Tips for your first TBC workout

  • Wear socks and either pants or capris, as we did a lot of floor work that made me a little bit uncomfortable in shorts
  • Definitely bring a water bottle and towel to use throughout the class
  • All hot classes require that you use a yoga mat, which you should either bring to class or rent for a fee
  • Specials for new students vary by studio (as they are now a franchise), so contact your local studio to learn what they might have available in terms of trial packages

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