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Decorating Cupcakes & a Frosting Recipe

This past weekend, I was in Grand Rapids for my good friend Kate’s wedding. It was absolutely stunning, but more important to me, was that I was given the honor of standing up next to Kate while she married her stud muffin, David!  Instead of a traditional mother/bridesmaid luncheon prior to the rehearsal, we took a cupcake decorating class at a cooking school near our hotel.

On Friday afternoon, our instructor, Torrance, made us feel immediately at home with glasses of champagne and a tray of strawberries and cheese.

8 24 15_3

The cupcakes were pre-made, but we made the icing from scratch during the class.  It was a blast to learn how to make unique, tasty rosettes and sunflowers, while catching up before the official wedding festivities began.

8 24 15_1

8 24 15_2

While I definitely was not a decorating champ (see below), I can make a mean Greek Yogurt frosting.  To make: Pour a hefty amount of full fat Greek Yogurt into a large bowl (we used Chobani.)  Combine with sugar and stir vigorously.  You’ll notice that the sugar shrinks down quite a bit once combined.  Add a small amount, and continue adding slowly until the Greek Yogurt is completely combined.  To top off, add lemon zest to taste and stir.

To top the cupcake, dip the top of the cupcake into the bowl and twist, allowing the extra to drip off.  Let dry for 5 minutes, and feel free to re-dip should you prefer that the color gets a bit more vivid.  I dipped twice as the base on my vanilla cupcake pictured below.

8 24 15_4


What cupcake flavor is your favorite?  Have you ever made icing from scratch?

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