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Gratitude List

With the holidays coming up, I’m doing everything I can to stay excited and optimistic instead of stressed.  If you’re like me, you sometimes let the holidays overwhelm you.  Thoughts such as “how am I going to buy/make all of these gifts in time” and freak outs because “I didn’t have time to write my morning post” are prevalent.  But that’s NOT what the holidays should be in our lives.  They should be a time of gratitude and love. They should be a time of joy and optimism leading into the new year.

Typically, when I start feeling so-called “negative” feelings (examples are overwhelmed or sad) , I take a page out of Oprah’s book and start writing a Gratitude List every night until that feeling disperses.  It doesn’t always work immediately, but it’s always helped me to recognize the blessings surrounding me in this amazing life I (and YOU) lead.


Below are a short-list of the things that I’m most grateful for in my life right now, in no particular order.  What are some of things you’re most grateful for today?  Please share in the comment section below and spread the joy!

My Gratitude List

  • Having an amazing fiancé that not only accepts, but fully supports my passions. – While I’m certain that Ray never thought that blogging would be a part of his life, he encouraged me to start the blog in the first place and continues to support me to this day.  He even ran around the mall with me last night while I (very) last minute planned for a photo shoot that’s scheduled for tomorrow!  Now that’s love.

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  • That my mother is in town this week. – It’s been a blessing to have her in town both as an emotional support system, as well as to physically help around the house.  (A HUGE thank you sent her way for the chocolate brownies she’s making for a happy hour I’m hosting tonight while I’m at work today.  Recipe to come, because they are amazing!)

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  • Steamed Apple Juice – After giving up coffee, it was strangely incredibly difficult to work through morning meetings.  You’re almost not in the cool kid group anymore because you don’t need a warm mug or to run to the kitchen.  But thanks to the magical, random drinks available at Starbucks, I’m back on board with wintry drinks galore.  Yummin!

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  • Blogger Friends – Without the back and forth conversations and amazingly supportive relationships I’ve made through blogging, I probably would have stopped a long time ago.  I know I’m not the only one with a full time job on my plate alongside blogging, and everyone considers quitting blogging at one point or another.  Whether you’re a mommy blogger with four kids at home, a photographer sharing the stories behind your pictures, a fashion blogger keeping us up to date on the trends, or a fellow lifestyle blogger helping us to live a life of balance and happiness (just to name a few situations), we all have a ton on our plates.  But the fact that you blog and continue to share life lessons keeps me going.  THANK YOU, blogger friends and fellow bloggers everywhere, for all that you do!

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  • You guys! – Without you guys reading, there’s not a chance I’d be blogging today.  The growth of this space that started as an online diary has been amazing and probably more surprising to me than anyone else.  But now I’m committed to making this a positive space for us to continue sharing fitness, fashion, food, and fun… with a little bit of laughter along the way.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!


What are you most grateful for today?

Create a great life!

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