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Black & White Knit and PinkBlush Giveaway Winner

There’s some exciting news over here at SST.  That’s right, we have our very FIRST giveaway winner of the Winter season!  But before that, let’s get to the final PinkBlush look.

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PinkBlush knit cardigan, LOFT jeans, Nine West heels, Kate Spade earrings

This oversized cardigan is one of the most comfortable pieces in my closet, and looks a whole lot more pulled together than sweatpants and a hoodie.  The classic coloring and comfortable knit make it feel like a piece that’s been around for decades.  But the new version of the traditional cardigan update the overall look and feel of the style.

Because of the wider cut of this sweater, I slimmed down the look with some straight leg jeans and classic, black, suede pumps.  Wider cuts, no matter your body shape, always have the potential to be overwhelming if you don’t make the rest of the style simple. Slim down the rest of the look by keeping cuts and colors more neutral, rather than wearing more layers that draw attention.

12 14 15_2

12 14 15_3

We took these pictures outside of the historic Catlow Theater in downtown Barrington, Illinois.  This theater originally opened in 1927 and is now on the National Registry of Historic Places.  I would often com to this theater as a child to watch movies in the classic setting, loving to order sandwiches from the spot next door prior to heading in to watch a second-run film.  It’s still a space that’s very close to my heart.

Behind the scenes of the pictures above…

12 14 15_5 Forgetting the sun, it was actually much colder out than I was letting on in the photos.  The chill led me to wear an old Burton hat I got as a free giveaway in Vail years ago.  Luckily, even though it was the only hat I had available at the time, the black and white didn’t lean too far away from the black and white of the oversized cardigan.  Phew!

12 14 15_6

Ray actually met up with my mother and I as we were taking pictures for this third PinkBlush look.  While he often takes pictures for me and the blog, I think he appreciated being further behind the scenes on this one.  That, and I got to take him into that sandwich shop I mentioned above and show him the Catlow Theater.  I’d say we both saw this day as a win!

Giveaway Winner

Those of you that follow me on Instagram (@SemiSweetTooth) know that we have a winner for our PinkBlush gift card giveaway.  Drum roll, please… it’s the always wonderful Vanessa at Living in Steil!  Congrats, lady, on your $25 gift card to PinkBlush – I already can’t wait to see which pieces you select from the collection!

I also want to give a HUGE shout-out to everyone that entered this giveaway.  This was my first giveaway (more to come) and I wasn’t sure how it would go.  We got a FANTASTIC response and I loved being able to provide something a bit more tangible than usual.  If you have any feedback or suggestions for future giveaways, please let me know!

Also, remember that you can save 15% on PinkBlush with the code SEMISWEET – as always, I appreciate your support.


Do you have any oversized pieces that still look classic and cool?

What would you like to see (or would you recommend) for future giveaways?

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Create a great life!

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