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Friday Favorites #3

Here I am, sitting at the Subaru dealership waiting for my car to get fixed up… can’t think of a better time to celebrate the pieces of life this week that rocked!  Simple things made their way into my Friday Favorites this week, and that’s just the way I like it to be at this point in the year.  As the Summer starts to heat up in Denver (which, granted, is most of the year), a flurry of activities always seem to occur.  Plenty of travel, meetings, people moving into town, visitors, and trying to keep up with my regular schedule are all amazing things to have going on, but they definitely make life move way too quickly.  With the ongoing activity, I definitely enjoy relaxing with the simple things when I can.

This weekend is going to be more relaxing than any upcoming, as well.  I have a PInterest Party to attend on Sunday, but we don’t have much planned otherwise.  I hope that you guys have a great weekend, as well!

And with that, here are my Favorites from across the week!

Moe’s Broadway Bagel


I rarely go to 16th street in Denver if I can avoid it.  It’s a pedestrian street in the middle of the city that was built to be a solace in the center of city traffic.  While the idea is still there, over the years, it’s become overly packed with tourists and “urban campers,” meaning that it’s not a place I choose to be unless I have a destination (Walgreens, our movie theater, or Earl’s – an amazing restaurant that I’ll definitely visit.)

When my mother was in town last weekend, she kept mentioning that she was in the mood for a “bagel sandwich.”  While I rarely have bagel sandwiches, when she mentioned it, I became convinced, as well.  We happened to walk past Moe’s on our way to Walgreens and stopped in for a late breakfast/early lunch and it was DELICIOUS!

While my mother picked a breakfast bagel sandwich (sausage, egg, cheese, on their “bagel of the day”), I purchased a “build your own bagel” with ham onions, cucumber, sprouts lettuce, tomato, green pepper, and brown mustard on a sesame seed bagel.  I devoured the whole thing (saved the apple for later #weddingdiet #totallyjoking), and I already can’t wait to get back there!

BBG Girls


I have recently started to be a “group lead” for the Colorado BBG Meet-Ups and I’ve become obsessed with all of the awesome girls in the group!  One of them tagged me in this picture on Instagram and I haven’t been able to stop laughing about it since.  It’s incredibly accurate!  Everyone is so pleasant to be around and really puts their heart into working hard.  I can’t wait for our next meet up!

(P.S. Denver girls, if you want to be invited… the more the merrier!  Please let me know that you live in the area and I’ll send you the details. 🙂 )

Views from Avanti


I’ve written about my love of Avanti in some of my freelance work, but it’s just now getting warm enough to start enjoying the views, too!  There’s a rooftop deck, but when the sun is behind the clouds, we’re purely heading to Avanti for the great food and company.  But now that we’re incredibly close to the sun and the city is heating up a bit, I’m back to hanging out in front of this gorgeous view as much as possible!

New Friends Moving to Town


One thing that I’ve grown to both love and dislike about Denver is that everyone and their mother wants to move here.  While it makes our rent and standard of living a lot more expensive, I’m always a believer in the more the merrier (I mean, it’s the second time I’ve said that in this post, after all!)  I have some close friends that I met back when I first moved here in a Yoga class that even planned my Denver Bachelorette Party – and now one of their best friends is moving here from Chicago!  Don’t mind us as we convert everyone to move here from the Midwest!

Delicious Chocolates from Ameristar in Blackhawk


I know, I know… my last comment about food went a bit long, so I’ll keep this one short.  After steaks at Ameristar during my Bachelorette Party last week, the resort surprised me with several packs of incredibly tasty chocolates.  Ray and I have been enjoying these non-stop since that time.  Yummin!


What was a highlight of your week?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Create a great life!

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