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Bachelorette Party #1: Blackhawk, Colorado

Happy Monday, my party people!  I hope that you guys had an amazing weekend and feel relaxed and rejuvenated heading into the week ahead.  If you don’t feel rejuvenated, then you probably had a similar weekend to my Colorado girls and I… and hey, hopefully that’s because you had a lot of fun, too!  This weekend was my first Bachelorette party, and it was one for the record books.  We were originally planning to have a second Bridal Shower in Colorado, but a Bachelorette party sounded like more fun.  So that’s exactly what we did!


Blackhawk, Colorado is almost a mini-Vegas in the middle of the mountains.  It sounds like it makes no sense, and that’s because it doesn’t make any sense at all.  None of the crew had been to Blackhawk before, and we didn’t know what to expect.  But it ended up feeling like a really nice, massive cruise ship.  We literally didn’t leave our resort for a single event!  (Granted, we were only there for one night.  I make it sound like we were there for about a month.;)


My Bachelorette Party that’s upcoming in a few weeks is already a perfect match for my personality.  We’re planning wine tasting, sailing, yoga, and fairly chill, relaxing days and evenings.  But because we have the chill weekend planned, we decided to make this one a little bit more crazy in the stereotypical “Bachelorette” way (see: sash, tiara, “wifey” tee, fun beads, etc.)  Going in with this in mind made the whole weekend a ton of fun!  We started off with a little bit of relaxed fun and champagne toasts to get the meet and greets out of the way, then headed to a sit-down dinner at the resort’s steak restaurant in a private room, then off to gamble a little bit (I won $35, hey-oooo) and jam out to the awesome DJ that was rockin’ out to 90s and early 2000s tunes.


My mother came in town for this Bachelorette (she’s unable to make my other one in a few weeks) and I had several friends attended that I’ve known since my first month in Colorado and blogger girls that I’ve known since last October.  An amazing mix that made for such a fun evening!


On Sunday, my mother and I made the trip to a ski antique store to buy some antique skis they recently had shipped in from Brussels.  Ray and I have been wanting to use them as our guest book and we’re so excited to have everyone sign something that we’ll be able to proudly hang in our home.


This store ended up being absolutely amazing – filled to the brim with beautiful antiques that fit our ski lifestyle perfectly.  While both my ma and I wanted to buy out the whole store, I settled on adding a pair of ice skates from Holland (1890) to our collection.  With Ray still playing hockey and my history with ice skating, these skates are perfect for our front table.


What was the highlight of your weekend?

Do you keep any antiques in your home?

Create a great life!

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