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Forrest Yoga… to help in the everyday

When I started taking classes at my yoga studio in Denver, I saw a class that I was unfamiliar with on the schedule… Forrest Yoga.  Unfortunately, the times are terrible for anyone working a traditional 9-5, but I was able to try out the class when I worked from home last week.  Let me tell you, I loved it!

Ana-1 Everyone.  Welcome Ana Forrest.

Ana’s yoga practice was developed by taking out current poses (think traditional Vinyasa Flow) and either redeveloping them or creating new ones to treat the physical ailments many of our lifestyles create today.  For example, poses that we focused on within the class I took focused on corrected neck and shoulder issues, but the full practice also focuses on upper and lower back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and intestinal disorders.  While this is practice is very physical, I didn’t feel like I missed out on the spiritual practice that I so crave from my Hot or Vinyasa practice.  Just as in other forms of yoga, Forrest Yoga continues to be geared toward connecting and strengthening the yogi’s breadth, muscle strength, integrity, and spirit.  All a great connection to build a wonderful life!

In case your studio is like mine in hosting the classes at terrible times, or if you’re just interested in trying out a new yoga practice, take the time to check out the quick, 10 minute clip below.  You’ll be glad you did. 🙂


What’s your favorite yoga practice?  How to you build strength and connection between your mid, body, and spirit?

Create a great life!

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