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Friday Favorites #4 & Weekly Workouts

Before we jump into Friday Favorites, let’s do a little recap.  This week was a little bit thrown off by our Beach Essential giveaway, but I’m so excited by your responses!  First of all, this is the first real giveaway that I’ve hosted on the site (we’ve had small gift cards, etc in the past, but nothing this large prior.)  At this point (timed from Thursday night), we have 121 fantastic entries.  I wasn’t sure if we’d have 10 entries or something, so 121 is incredibly exciting from my perspective.

Also, several of you guys went with providing a comment about what you’d like to see on SST in the future.  Because of you, we have some incredibly exciting posts on tap that are directly aligned with what YOU told me you want to see on SST.  More to come…

But now let’s jump into some of my favorite finds from across the week. 🙂



As you know if you’ve been around SST for a while, I’m a total NASA nerd.  This year, Earth is much closer to Mars than we’ve been in a long time,  When Ray found out that May is the best time to see Mars, we’ve been checking out the gorgeous sight in the sky all week – no binoculars or telescope necessary!  The peak time to see Mars “up close” is May 30, but it can already be seen.  Definitely worth stepping outside to take a look (it’s moving quickly, so check for an updated map on google when you have the opportunity to take a peek.)



My love affair with Twitter ebbs and flows fairly dramatically.  One day, I’m posting seven times a day, but then I’ll skip it for weeks at a time.  However, no matter my limited consistency and limited following, I love the real time nature of the app – it’s perfect to drive a real time conversation!  With that in mind, I have started timing my Tweets with Buffer.  Thursday night is my first go-live night, but I’m looking forward to it keeping me on track and engaged.  (Be sure to be following me on Twitter to see what all the fuss is about!)

The Benefits of a Happy Brain


An old friend posted one of his blog posts on Facebook, and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to read the full piece.  It talks about the science of being a happier, more positive person.  While I’ve preached on the blog multiple times about trying to spread happiness and positivity, I’m glad to know that there’s now some science behind my madness!

Purple Pasta


As a personal decision, Ray and I decided to stop using Blue Apron a while back.  (The meals were delicious and the ingredients were fantastic, but we weren’t able to use them quickly enough to keep everything fresh.)  One of the benefits of this decision is that Blue Apron has already given us a wonderful base of recipes that we can make our own.  My personal favorite was this GORGEOUS purple pasta with shrimp.  Delicious and so perfect for the Summer ahead!


Weekly Workouts

Playing catch up from Wednesday:

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – 20 minute at home cardio circuit

Friday – 5k run/walk

Saturday – 20 minute stationary bike, BBG Pre-Training Week 1 (Legs & Cardio)

Sunday – Flatirons hike 1 & 2 (LISS)

Monday – BBG Pre-Training Week 1 (Arms & Abs)

Tuesday – 2 mile fast-paced walk (LISS)

What was good about my workouts & what could have been better? I’ve been doing better with getting my booty to the gym, but, as I mentioned a while back, I’ve been lacking programming.  This has been leading to some weeks that are amazing in the workout spectrum and some that are just plain terrible.  After getting sick of this inconsistency, I randomly decided on Saturday morning that I was going to do something about it.  So I did!

Because of that change, I decided to start from scratch with BBG and loved being back on a program.  This may limit my creativity in terms of workouts for a while, but I’m comfortable with that decision for the time being.  This week worked my entire body and I can’t wait to keep up the good work!


I’m off this weekend to essentially do a world tour of the Midwest for the next two weeks, so while I’ll be stopping by the blog for our usual daily updates, be sure to stay in touch on Twitter & Instagram!

As a scheduling note, I will not be posting next Monday due to Memorial Day.  THANK YOU to everyone who is or has served and God Bless those that made the ultimate sacrifice.  We’re on your side today and everyday.


What have been some of your favorite finds across this week?

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Create a great life!

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