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Life in My Eyes – Summer 2018

“Life in My Eyes” is a series that highlights my favorite things across entertainment, beauty products, and everything in between.  Enjoy! And now to Summer 2018 … Disclaimer – The below content does include some affiliate links and sponsored content, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Especially compared to the past few years, this summer has past by a lot slower than I’m used to. And it was needed.

From relaxed camping trips, to boating on Lake Dillon, I’ve skipped out on travel and action in favor of much more summertime stillness.  It’s a trend that I’m hoping continues.

And, with that, here are five of my favorite finds from across Summer 2018…

Life in My Eyes – Summer 2018

FlyWheel FlyFIT Class

For years I took FlyWheel classes back in Chicago, frequently attending the early morning 5:30 and 6:30 AM classes before heading into my 9-5 job.

I only stopped when I tried a different workout and realized my body wasn’t used to anything other than peddling a stationary bike for hours at a time.  Yes, they have a weights portion of class, but it never felt like a good replacement for lifting heavy or more dynamic functional training.

But that’s why I’m so excited that FlyWheel has finally joined the Denver boutique studio crowd.  And, even more, we’re the first studio in the nation to offer FlyFIT – a 50-minute, total body, intense HIIT workout that is the perfect balance of strength and endurance training.

In my opinion, this makes FlyWheel a much more valuable option in terms of potentially replacing larger gyms or studios.  Now, in this single space, you can get longer-term endurance training, AND you’ll get your larger scale strength training.  A figurative 1-2 punch of awesomeness in a single studio location. LOVE it.

Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about FlyWheel and FlyFIT and I can create a whole post on the process.

RAD Roller

I wrote about this company way back in October 2016, but I recently found my RAD Rod and I’m hooked.

Early on in my half marathon training, a very tight hamstring was a quick reminder that warm up and cool down/foam rolling/stretching are key to preventing injury.  This is especially important because I’m running a lot more than I ever have before… and an injury right in the middle of training would stink.

While I sometimes use the other RAD tools, the Rod is my favorite because it allows for very targeted control.  I can hit the exact spot I want to with the right amount of pressure to loosen muscles, tear down knots, and decrease stagnant lactic acid.  I’ve been using it regularly post half marathon training runs and it’s kept my legs loose and ready to tackle the day.

If you’re interested in my foam rolling routine, it can be seen here.

Chanel Le Volume De Mascara

I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on makeup.  I have a couple of staple items that I buy regularly, but they last, and last, and last.  Otherwise, for products such as concealer and foundation, I’m a drugstore girl through and through.

That is, until I tried this Chanel mascara.

It’s definitely pricier than most mascaras that I’ve purchased in the past, but I cannot tell you how much I love this product.  It makes my eyelashes look and feel thick and long, it lasts all day without running a bit, and doesn’t get clumpy at all.  I get so many complements that I’m basically the newest spokesperson for this mascara in the Denver market!

Needless to say, product is definitely going to be on my re-buy list for many years to come.

To purchase this product yourself, click here. 

Very Cavallari

No matter how much I hate to admit it… I love this show.  I started watching because several of the sports-related Instagram accounts I followed were raving about Jay Cutler’s hilarious ramblings. And now, after watching season 1, I totally get why!

If you haven’t seen the show, it’s a reality-style show that follows Kristin Cavallari (of “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach” fame) as she works towards opening her first store for her jewelry line, Uncommon James.

While there are some very desperate attempts to create fabricated drama (I’m lookin’ at you, Shannon), the show is a binge-worthy show that is well worth catching if you want something mindless on your TV.

And let me just tell you… the hilarity of Jay Cutler cannot be understated.  He obviously doesn’t care about putting on a “face” for the show, and there in-lies some of his most fantastic lines to date.  Just trust me… he need to be seen to be believed.

Very Cavallari was just picked up for season 2. In the meantime, you can catch season 1 by clicking here.


When I first started running, tracking wasn’t a priority to me at all.  Even through my early triathlon training, I hardly ever cared about details such as elevation and split time-tracking.  Heck, I was just trying to complete the swim, bike, or run I was trying to tackle that day without crumpling into a ball of soreness, sweat, and exhaustion!

But now, having a bit more tenure under my belt in terms of races and endurance sports, I love tracking my split times and am hooked at figuring out correct pacing.

Enter Strava. This app (free, unless you get one of their awesome pro packages) tracks distances, routes, split times, and shows how you rank compared to others that have followed the same path.  It gives me a little competitive edge, as well as giving me in-depth information that helps to improve my performance during every inch of training.

I’m a big fan.  Though there is one caveat…

The app forces you to opt out instead of opt in  to data sharing, meaning a lot of your information can be public.  I just recommend going through your data and profile settings before using regularly to make sure that you are as safe and secure as possible during your training sessions.

To download Strava for iPhone or Android, click here.

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