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Five Trips to Take in your 20s

These five trips are ones that you need to consider taking… NOW!

Having just turned 30, I’ve come to realize how certain past experiences have shaped my view of the world.  Relationships, career changes, and cross country moves all fit solidly into the category of having changed my life – typically for the better.

But I have to say that there are certain trips that have completely changed my perspectives on the daily lives we all lead.  Rather than specific locations, as I think a huge variety of locations could fit a variety of different preferences, these are the five types of trips that I recommend making time for sometime in your 20s.

Five Trips to Take in Your 20s

Take at least one trip with a big group of girlfriends

I love spending time with my girlfriends, but as we get older, it consistently gets more difficult.  Make time in your 20s to enjoy an adventure with your girlfriends, before significant others and babies come into the equation.  As those major life changes come into our lives, it gets ever more difficult to organize and schedule an event that you all can attend.  Make it a priority now.  Trust me, the trip will be one for the record books!

59145_823635460848_2807619_n The Yacht Week in Croatia, 2010

Travel by yourself in an area where you’re not visiting others

I was a bit hesitant to travel by myself, but it was a trip that was incredibly relaxing and definitely forced me to jump out of my comfort zone.  My major tip is to have your trip well planned out so that you understand the area you’ll be visiting.  Travel safe and be aware of what’s going on around you.  Bring a great book and enjoy some time with your thoughts.  There’s no telling what epiphanies might cross your mind when you really allow yourself some breathing room and some time to think.

542875_10100810120913068_846158254_nHiking to the top of Sant Jeroni outside of Barcelona, 2012

Plan a week with your parents

Once you move out of your parents home, it’s difficult to spend extended periods of time connecting with them.  Because we’re all running at 100 miles an hour, it’s wonderful to spend an extended period of one-on-one time with our parents while we’re still young, yet old enough to be able to relate on a more friendship-like level.  There’s no way you’ll feel any way other than thankful for this time together.


 Prepping for a week at Canyon Ranch in Arizona with Mom, 2013


541079_10100760808745048_1619190398_n Prepping for a week golfing in Scotland & Ireland with Dad, 2009

Go somewhere that doesn’t use English

Traveling somewhere that you don’t speak the same language – aka, doesn’t teach English in primary school – teaches you so much about patience and finding new ways to communicate and relate with people.  There are so many places and cultures to choose from to accomplish this trip – I personally decided that Russia was the way to go and don’t regret a moment of that experience.

Caveat – I highly recommend learning about the culture you’re visiting prior so that you understand what’s appropriate and acceptable where you’ll be staying.  It will help you relate much more quickly than automatically assuming that American customs are how life is done everywhere.

942098_10101109521601688_302327216_n Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2013

Take a trip where you challenge your physical limitations

So many of us put restrictions on ourselves, saying what we can or cannot do without actually putting in the effort to try.  But the truth is, we can do anything with the right thought training and preparation!  Take a trip during the peak of your athletic ability to show yourself your own strength.  And keep moving as you start to age.  You’ll never know what you can accomplish until you try!

Machu Picchu, Peru, 2016

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