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Weekend Update: The Indy 500 is Fast Cars & Sunburns

Happy Tuesday, SSTers!!  I hope that you had an active, wonderful weekend if you got the day off.  If you didn’t, then I hope that you still had a bit of time to sneak in a workout. 🙂

I’m currently in the process of catching up on sleep from the long weekend.  Ray and I made our way back Midwest for the Indy 500 – waking up at 4 am every day!  While my sleeping patterns are all over the place right now, and my voice will be MIA for at least another week, the full experience was absolutely worth it!


Every year, a large group from my family attends the races.  Cousins, an aunt and uncle, and my dad filled the group this year.  While my dad and aunt/uncle sit in the grown up seats each year, my cousins and I, along with several other friends, sit in the same seats every year on the back end of the track.  While Ray went to the races every year we were in college, this was the third year he was invited to join my family.  Not just anyone can hang with the clan!


Our group of ~30 had an absolute blast this year!!  The race was great to watch (especially the last 25 laps… SO many lead changes), the weather was amazing (SO many sunburns), and the company was even more fantastic!  I’d say it was worth the lack of sleep and peeling shoulders!


While the race was incredibly memorable, my favorite part of the weekend was afterwards when I got to hang out with my cousin’s 13 year old daughter until way past her bedtime.  She’s exactly the same way I was at 13, so we were able to re-connect over middle school crushes, favorite stores in the mall, and her upcoming Summer Break.    Relating and bonding with the kids in my family has become even more important now that I’m further away, so every second I get is increasingly appreciated!



What was your highlight of the holiday weekend?

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