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Life in My Eyes – March 2017

“Life in My Eyes” is a series that highlights my favorite things across entertainment, beauty products, and everything in between.  Enjoy! And now to March 2017 …

Disclaimer – The below content does include some affiliate links and sponsored content, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

This month’s list includes some amazing celebrations and favorite products that help me to prep for Springtime weather.  While it’s technically Spring, the early part of the season puts us in a kind of weird spot in Denver, where we fight about whether we’d prefer to go golfing, hiking, or skiing because you can do any one of the three all in the same day.  But that also gets me in the mood for warmer weather coming our way – preparations are on!  Here are some of my favorites…



Chapul Snack Bars

Back in 2014, I heard abut Chapul from an episode of Shark Tank, where the company recieved an investment from Mark Cuban.  But now they are available in stores nationwide (as well as online) and I’m obsessed!

Chapul introduces edible insects into Western cuisine in a way that is healthy, sustainable, and delicious with their Chapul Cricket Bars that are fortified with cricket flour.

While I was dubious at first (to say the least), these bars are honestly delicious!  Plus with the fact that they are packed with iron (15% more than spinach), protein (2x more than beef), and B12 (as much as salmon), they are something that we don’t feel bad about eating on a day full of fun activities.  They are now a staple for us when we head out to the mountains, whether for hiking, skiing, or fly fishing.

I highly recommend trying out the Chapul Cricket Bar Sampler Packso that you can try out a vairety of flavors before committing.  My personal favorite is the Aztec Flavor, which includes Dark Chocolate, Coffee, & Cayenne.  So delicious!

LIME _10

LIME _11

Finesse Shampoo & Conditioner

This isn’t the first time I’ve spoken about how the dry, Winter weather rids my hair of any moisture it might have leading into the season.  But I am far from being the type that wants to spend an arm and a leg to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy.

One of you guys reached out and recommended that I try Finesse (a drugstore brand!) and I’m hooked!  (Note, the top picture is after using Finesse.)

Infused with active proteins, Finesse Restore & Strengthen Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditionerhas made my hair stronger, more hydrated, softer, easier to detangle, and all this with both the shampoo & conditioner costing less than $20 combined!

When you first try out these products (or any new shampoo & conditioner), I do recommend trying it for at 3-5 washes to fully get the impact of the product’s formula.  While you’ll start noticing an impact immediately, the full effect won’t be noticeable until your hair has been able to fully transition.



One Shoulder with Ruffles

While cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder looks had their moment in my life (see below in one of the birthday pictures), I am all about the one-shoulder look right now.  But I specifically mean with a ruffle.  Something about the ruffle makes these looks so feminine and flirty, perfect for springtime sunshine.

The trick for me with one-sleeved pieces is to pick a piece with a little bit of structure and to wear delicate jewelry.  I have a tendancy to want to layer on some jewels to either feel more covered up or to add some interest.  But let the ruffle be the star, adding either a more dainty necklace or longer earrings to elongate your neck.  (Why hello there, Audry Hepburn!)

All of these pieces are from my always-favorite SHINE Boutique, which, besides just being my favorite store of all time, also promotes self-love, women’s empowerment, and positive self talk.  Even if you don’t live in the Denver area, you should definitely check out their website to be incredibly inspired!



Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush

When you’re going out, whether to be active or to head to brunch, it can be incredibly difficult to remember to toss on some sunscreen.  (Or is that just me?)  So masking sunscreen as an element of my makeup makes it easy to remember and leaves me comfortable with my almost-natural face.  (Note, I’m wearing this product in the first picture.)

While this isn’t the cheapest piece in my makeup bag (SPF 30 is $57 and SPF 50 is $64 on Amazon, mini sizes are available at Sephora for $25), I absolutely think that it’s worth it for the protection this product provides.  It provides instant, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection in a sheer, easy to apply powder formula.  It’s also chemical-free (ideal for face), dermatologist endorsed, and 80-minute water-resistant.  (Am I the only one that regularly has sunscreen drip into my eyes the second I start to sweat? Ouch!)

Plus, I love that this product is small enough to fit in my pack when I’m on the go for easy touch ups.  Remember that reapplication is just as important as putting sunscreen on in the first place!



Birthday Celebrations

At the very end of last month, I turned 30.  (I talked about it on the blog here.)  But what I didn’t previously mention was how amazing my birthday celebrations were.  They were simple, relaxed, and so much fun.  I felt at ease with friends (from high school, college, and friends I’ve met in Denver), complete with my parents coming into town, and a whole lot of fun dancing to live bands and wearing faux leather pants.

I cannot thank everyone enough for your kinds well wishes and lovely thoughts and words.  You all have wonderful, kind spirits and the beauty of your hearts is only matched by how beautiful you make the world by living in it.  Thank you for making this SST community what it is.

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Create a great life!


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