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Weekend Update: New Friends & Hiking with Pups in Boulder

This weekend was full of outdoorsey goodness – and lots of hanging out with new friends!

Friday started out with a relaxing evening watching “McFarland” – a live action, true story Disney film following a new coach coming to a low-income area and starting a Cross-Country team.  As with every Disney film, it was incredibly inspirational and I felt jazzed to work hard and achieve my best self!  If you’re looking for a film in the genre of inspirational sports films, then it’s definitely worth the $6 on DirecTV!

Saturday, some of Ray’s co-workers that recently moved to town had asked us to take them hiking nearby.  So, mid-morning we woke up and brought some new Denverites on the same hike that we had completed last week.  Overall, it took a good 2 1/2 hours to complete the ~2.7 mile (round trip) hike to the top of one of the flatirons in Boulder.  The group had just moved from Chicago, and they were so impressed with the perfect scenery, and that they could complete such a feat!  As always, I loved being a part of helping people to jump their internal hurdles, ultimately accomplishing something they never thought they could complete before!

6 8 15_4

6 8 15_5

After the great hike, we settled in to watch American Pharaoh win the triple crown – amazing to see a piece of history being made!  Then we watched the Blackhawks lose, but don’t get too used to that!

The crew actually loved the hike so much that some of them asked if Ray and I could join them for a hike the next day in the same area, but on a different trail.  Of course we said yes, so early yesterday morning, we woke up with the sunrise to quickly get to Boulder to try out a different hike that we had heard a lot about, but hadn’t experienced ourselves.  If you get the chance to try out “Royal Arches,” then I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity.  The path is ~3.3 miles round trip and isn’t the traditional up and down hike – you’re exploring a huge variety of terrain across waterfalls and natural stairs, all to come upon amazing rock formations that have come together to be the literal royal arches.  I felt incredibly blessed to be able to see such beauty only 45 minutes from our home.  This state really is a consistent lesson in the gifts mother nature has given to this world.

6 8 15_7 Check out that hawk!

6 8 15_8

6 8 15_11 

Wow, that’s really high up there!”

6 8 15_12

Plus, now that one of the of the guys was a bit more familiar with hiking, he brought along his beautiful English Retriever for the second day.  Breckenridge the dog and I got along swimmingly – I will always be the first to volunteer to puppysit this loving dog. 🙂

6 8 15_10 How could you not fall in love with that face?! 

6 8 15_9

You keep climbing Breck.  I’ll meet you back here.”

6 8 15_6 He was loving playing in the waterfalls and creeks along the way.

After our early morning hike, we got back early enough for Ray and the boys to play a round of golf, while I took the time to head to church and prep for the week ahead.  I have a fun week of posts planned for you guys – I love sharing all the sweetness I’ve found in this life with you guys and can’t wait to keep the track record going. 🙂


What was the highlight of your weekend?  Do you have anything you’re especially looking forward to in the week ahead?

Create a great life!

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