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Class Review: NUFit at Pura Vida & Weekly Workouts

While it’s been over a week since the end of Denver Fitness Week, I’m still coming off the high of trying new classes and being in such positive, beautiful, fitness-related environment.  But, alas, at least I have those new classes in my arsenal at the ready for when I want to switch up my workouts, right?!  (I’ve already been back to another Burn class at The Barre Code Denver!)  But this week, I’m highlighting Natalie Uhling’s NUFit class, which is hosted at Pura Vida in Cherry Creek.

NUFit is described on Natalie’s website as a class crafted around “experiential fitness” – i.e. that the full fitness class should be an experience itself, more than just a standard way to get fit.  An example would be a hot yoga class with dimmed lights, the little gong thing being chimed while “ohm” is chanted by the class and your yoga master plays soft sounds of nature in the background – it would be more than your standard vinyasa flow.  While I’m a big fan of that type of experience, too – NUFit is almost entirely the opposite.  High energy, bumpin’ music, a real spirit of community across the class, and a whole lot of fun.

Fitness Week_7

Sweaty and tired post workout, some of us decided a dab was in order.

The class is structured as an hour with a mix of almost a dance cardio class mixed with plyometrics (though no dance experience is necessary to jump in the class.)  After a warm up that gets your heart pumping right away, you learn a few steps to a “dance” and repeat it to become almost a HIIT.  Intermittently, Natalie will yell out moves such as squats or tuck jumps for you to bust out for a good 30 seconds or so to really empty your whole tank.  The class ends with an ab and stretching section to really be a full body, high energized workout in 60 minutes.

Fitness Week_8

The class before us was much better organized.

While I rarely like to talk about the instructors themselves, I think a quick note about Natalie is worthwhile.  She’s the dream instructor and I think really “makes” the class – high energized and upbeat, with a dash of humor in between.  While she’s blasting music, she also doesn’t feel the need to fill the silence, because sometimes the beat of the tunes is all you need to really get your blood pumping.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely stunning – you walk in and instantly think, “she does this class?  okay, then I’m in!”  The only “negative,” if you want to call it that, is that she is the actual creator of the class, and the only one that I know of that teaches it.  Due to her, I’m sure, insanely busy schedule, her class times are a bit minimal.  But if you can swing it, then I definitely recommend popping into this class the second you can!


Wed: BBG Pre-Training Week 1 (Full Body)

Thurs: Burn class at The Barre Code

Fri: Yoga class at The Yoga Mat (including my first headstand! Be sure to follow on Instagram to stay up to date!)

Sat: BBG Pre-Training Week 2 (Legs & Cardio)

Sun: Rest Day / Indy 500

Mon: BBG Pre-Training Week 2 (Arms & Abs)

Tues: (Planned) BBG Pre-Training Week 2 (Full Body)

What was great about my workouts and what could be improved? Overall, I’m really happy about how my workouts turned out this week.  With several days of travel, I wasn’t sure how I’d do after the holiday weekend, and I’m really proud of myself for staying on top of my health.  Although where I actually have a lot of room for improvement is definitely in the kitchen, as my eating habits were not up to par.  That will be my primary area of focus in the coming week, as well as keeping up my good workout habits.


Have you ever taken a NUFit class?

If you’re a dance cardio fan, what are your favorite classes to take?

How was your week of workouts?

Create a great life!

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