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Blue Tulle with Pops of Yellow







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I’ve been a big fan of the tulle trend for a while now (see how I even made my own tulle skirt in the back half of last year here) and I couldn’t wait to bring them back out of storage following what felt like a long winter.  This fabric is ideal for the in-between seasons, keeping your legs warm, but still allowing the fabric to breathe.

For quite some time, I very much struggled with what to wear on top of anything tulle, as the fabrice is a bit “full,” but I recently realized how much I was over-thinking the whole thing.  Ultimately, you want a top that’s non-descript, allowing your skirt to remain the star.  However, beyond that, almost any top works like a dream.  I often tuck in a simple, Old Navy tee shirt or a classic, black turtleneck, but Spring makes my knotted button down look right at home.  It’s not especially form fitting, which I actually like, but still shows a little bit of skin to avoid being too overly conservative.

For accessories, I decided to stick with bold yellows and whites, as I love the dichotomy of bright colors against dark fabrics.  They brought a little pop of color to the look, but didn’t look overly “costume-y” thanks to the white in the Kate Spade bracelet not being an exact match for to my heels and necklace.

I’ve linked below some similar options, as all of my pieces are old.  But, in case you want to look for the same exact look, my skirt was from rue 21, chambray button down from Target, and necklace from Jewelry by Jacob.  Everything I’ve linked to is under $100.


Are you a fan of the tulle skirt trend?

What are some of your favorite color combinations to wear when you get dressed?

Create a great life!

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