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5 Mindset Changes I’m Making this Summer

By: Natalie

Summertime always feels a little bit different from the rest of the year. The days are longer, kids are home from school,  life slows down a little, and there is more breathing room to just sit and think. Amidst the many other projects, plans, and adventures I have created for this season, I’m trying to take time to edit, revise, and re-write some of my mental thought-processes that get me through the day. 

Summer is a magical time for so many reasons, and with practice, these mindset changes can bring a little bit of summer magic into the rest of the year. Each mindset change encompasses the joys of summer and a tip on how I am getting started.

5 Mindset Shifts to Commit to this Summer

Focus on living in the moment 

While this phrase might seem cliché or overused, it is one of my biggest goals right now. I am attached to my phone and computer, and oftentimes, I catch myself living for the notification. That has its time and place, but it should not be all day.

Summer has plenty of magical moments that need to be spent without distraction. To achieve this, I am trying to be more conscious of screen-time and when it affects my social time. I am also trying to be more conscious of stress and when it changes my mood during times of fun and enjoyment. 

Tip: Take 30 minutes each day to intentionally focus on enjoying your daily life. I will put away my phone, computer, and all thoughts of stress and really focus on spending quality time with friends and family. 

Enjoy the little things 

Life is full of big and small, beautiful moments. My grandmother once told me that to love life you have to enjoy the little things and it is especially true in the summer!

Not everyday will include a tropical vacation or a birthday celebration, but each day will include life’s little moments that are truly special and unique. Being mindful of the small things that bring a smile to your face is so incredibly powerful and inspiring.

I have been intentionally practicing this mindset for a few months now and I already feel more control over my moods and happiness. 

Tip: Start a journal to write down little things that make you happy during your day. I have written journal entries that are long and sentimental, or a few that are short and sweet. Seeing a friend from my childhood and my dog wagging her tail when I come home have both made it into my gratitude journal and when I think of those moments, I can’t help but smile.

Take time for yourself 

During the majority of the year, I often trade in time spent for intentional self care to do other things. So this summer, I am trying to take more time to do the things I love- just for me. 

This shift has been surprisingly difficult for me. I often settle and find other ways to keep myself busy during alone time, but it does not have to be that way. Recently, I have allocated more time on my calendar to start journaling, scrapbooking, and reading. And it’s helped me to have a clearer mind throughout the rest of the day.

During this time away from the busy world, I try to stay reflective and mindful of why time spent alone is so important! We are always so busy, and it is critical to find time just for you! 

Tip: Find 30 minutes in your day to do the things that you love! I recommend starting that passion project that is always lying around or taking a walk with a special furry friend. Another great option is starting a new read, check out Our Summer Reading List to find inspiration for your next reading adventure!

Breathe and slow down 

Crazy. Busy. Hectic. Substitute any of those words to describe life and you would not be wrong! Life during the majority of the year is non-stop moving, but the summer offers just a few more moments to slow down.

Slowing down is a mindset change I really want to make this summer. In parallel to living in the moment, enjoying the little things, and taking time for myself, I want to put away spare moments to remain calm, cool, and collected.

Often, I cram every possible activity, task, and errand into whatever time I have and it leaves me feeling tired and exhausted. This summer, I am learning to manage time more effectively and say no to the things I cannot fit into my day so that I’m more clear and have a little free time to do those things I truly love.

Tip: Try scheduling your week to include free time or balance your week’s agenda and tasks over a few days rather than one. I use a planner to organize my days, and it does eel quite silly to schedule free time, but I have realized how much it truly helps with slowing down. 

Create new adventures 

Summer is the perfect time to find new adventures! Life always feels more fun when there is time to try new things. And, because of that, I have been incorporating new activities, foods, and events into my daily life. 

With a simple search on the internet, there is always plenty to do within a short drive’s distance. I recently tried a new bubble tea place and went to a craft store that sells vintage art supplies! These little adventures allowed me to create some of my favorite summer memories, have sparked some new interests, and have helped to keep my mind sharp through the season. 

Tip: I Google searched “Adventures in (city name)”, and it came up with plenty of articles, lists, and ideas to plan a new adventure. Another great idea to be adventurous is to try a new restaurant. Again, I just Google searched “Restaurant in (city name)” to find some variety. Who knows, you could find a new favorite that you never knew existed!

The Change Starts Now!

We here at SST are always open to self-improvement and summer is the perfect time to get those goals in motion! It’s special, magical season in so many ways, and by incorporating these shifts in thinking, it can make the rest of your year just that much better! 

Step back and take some time to contemplate life and its many ups and downs. Start small and make some changes to bring happiness, joy, and magic into your life! We promise that, with a little reflection, you’ll be so excited about the amazing difference these changes can make in bringing more overall beauty into your life.

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