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The Art of Manifestos

I’ve written before about the art of mantras, so I don’t want these two to be confused.  So, to start off, a Mantra is a personal statement that changes the direction of your energies.  However, a Manifesto is a few point list of your intentions and aims.  This, essentially, distils all of your goals and tasks into a few sentences sharing what you adhere to over time.

Your manifesto does not need to be incredibly stagnant either.  This is something that can adjust over time, but it should be almost a base reminder of your direction.

Is what you’re doing in line with your manifesto?  Which direction should you try to go next?

When should you write your manifesto?

In all honesty, you can write a manifesto where ever and whenever makes sense to you.  And you can write one on any subject, too!

Personally, I’m working on writing my manifestos for a couple of different subjects, specifically.:

  1. My intentions going forward in life
  2. The direction of the blog

Yes, I do have my typical SMART goals, but my manifesto is really more of an over-arching intention.  What do I want to be putting out there into the universe?

The Art of Manifestos

How to write your manifesto

To write your own manifesto, on any topic really, we need to start with the real, deep question.  For myself, no matter the subject, I almost always start with the question (to repeat it again), what do I want to be putting into the universe?

From there, start brainstorming ideas. What are you doing right now on a regular basis?  What should you be doing more of or less of?  How can you be letting more of your light into the world or be focusing more on your passions/purpose?  Write down all of these ideas to get your mind in action and moving the right direction.

Once you have your ideas, start to recognize the unifying points.  You should be able to group some of them together into specific subject areas or similarities.  When you create a new unifying point, always remember – is this really important to me, or is it just what other people think I should be doing?

From there, write out those points into sentences in bullet point form.  The sentences can be long or short, but they should always highlight the major part of the point your trying to get across.

And there you have it – your manifesto!  Remember that this manifesto can change over time.  I typically find that I like to add to mine a bit over time if there are some pieces that I had forgotten or if I wanted to change the sentences slightly.

My brand manifesto

As an example, I thought that I would highlight my current Semi-Sweet Tooth brand manifesto.  This is something that is still under development, so expect it to change slightly, but I wanted you to know and understand what you can expect from me over time.

Help others attain their best life – physically, mentally, & emotionally

Pursue action

See the blue sky above the clouds

DWYSYWD – Do What You Say You Will Do

Always empower

To me, these few sentences highlight what Semi-Sweet Tooth means to me, and what I hope it means to the world.

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What is your manifesto in this season of your life?

Create a great life!

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