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Activities for Friends that Don’t Surround Eating or Drinking

Activities that Don't Surround Eating or Drinking I’m a huge fan of getting together with friends, but I get tired of visiting restaurants and bars all the time.  Eating and drinking non-stop is not what I want my friendships to be based upon.  Rather, I much prefer that my relationships be based on true conversations that occur over fun activities.  Our relationships do not need to cost us a ton of cash flow or demand us sitting still.  Use some of the below suggestions to add a little spice into your friendships.  You might find a whole new activity for your guys to regularly enjoy together in the future!

Create a Walking Group


Walking together is a great way to connect with friends that live nearby, as well as lower blood pressure, increase your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and not spend a cent along the way.  Change up responsibility for whom is responsible for picking the route to see different areas of your current home town.  However, if you’re still having difficulty convincing your friends to join a walking group, then read up on some great hints on American Red Cross or Create the Good.  Huge bonus points for you if you start your own group!

Have a DIY Craft Night

12 15 15_4 I cannot speak highly enough about our experience with Gild Collective!  As a group of non-DIYers, I’m still incredibly impressed with how our earrings, mirrors, and jewelry displays turned out.  And it was so much fun!  Letting us be creative, but still sharing the “how-tos” of how to make everything allowed us to end up with incredibly different pieces at the end, but still a classic product that we can all use in everyday life.  I HIGHLY recommend Gild for an amazing girls night in.

Host a Board Game Night

80s-girl-talk-game We’ve always loved game nights, and don’t like you weren’t a fan!  Playing old board games is a sure way to beat the boredom and have a fun little blast from the past.  Personally, I highly recommend “Apples to Apples,” “Connect Four,” or “Card Against Humanity” for a good time.  But if you can find an old “Girl Talk” game, can I come play?

Take a Dance Class


Taking a dance class is a great way to burn some calories and enjoy life together.  Whether or not you and your girlfriends are past dancers, classes like Zumba or Beginner Hip-Hop end up being a ton of fun and become memorable experiences for you guys to talk about for years to come.

Volunteer Together

11 16 15_7 Being able to bond over a common cause that benefits others is one of the best ways to come together with your friends.  Benefitting our communities through volunteering at a homeless shelter, an animal shelter, or by joining a women’s group like Junior League (such as myself, pictured above) ensures that there’s plenty of previously organized activities to be done, and there’s always an available outlet to make the world a better place.


What are your favorite ways to bond with your friends?

If you’re not at a restaurant or bar with your friends, where do you enjoy spending time together?

Create a great life!

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