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Why Waiting to Buy Clothes “Until You Lose Weight” is a Terrible Idea

This post highlights why you should NOT “wait to lose weight” to buy new clothes.  You are perfect just the way you are, and you should dress like it!

Am I the only one that keeps clothes around from my younger or “fitter” days, just waiting to fit in them again? It’s kind of ridiculous really. Those jeans from high school just gathering dust in the back of the closet, or that dress that I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear soon… they’re all just taking up precious space and making me feel bad about myself!

The truth is, when we wait to buy new clothes “until we lose weight,” we’re unintentionally telling ourselves that we are not worth the investment in clothing right now.  Which is so far from being the case!

You need to START living your best life right now, which will ultimately lead you to living in your ideal body, having a mindset where you’re comfortable with who you are and what you look like, and doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do.  (I see you: dance class.)

This includes your wardrobe!  Though I don’t mean that you need to spend thousands of dollars purchasing new clothing.  You simply DO need to dress in clothes that make you feel confident, sexy, and comfortable in the skin you’re in.

So, how do we do this?

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How to Clean Out Your Closet and See Your Wardrobe Through Fresh Eyes

Step 1: Define Your Style

I can personally admit that I keep clothing for way too long.  I’ve been known to buy classics over trends, just as a a matter of preference.  But sometimes, even those classic pieces no longer match my personal sense of style, or they get a little too worn out.

So I suggest kind of starting from scratch.  Pick out your three favorite outfits from your current closet and scour Pinterest (my casual fashion board is my go-to for inspiration) to see what kind of style is inspiring you right now.  Are you more bohemian?  Or perhaps sticking with classic cardigans and pleated skirts?

Stop trying to dress like someone else or like a younger version of you by finding out what speaks to you when you don’t feel isolated to the clothes in your current closet.

Step 2: Pull Out Those Clothes That Don’t Speak to You

Like many of you, I read Marie’s Kondo’s book on the magic of decluttering.  While there were pieces of it that I didn’t agree with (please don’t throw away all of those old pictures!), I did agree with the overall premise.

When you’re holding an item, does it bring you joy?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m holding an item from my closet that doesn’t fit or is from some prior period of my life, it gives me anxiety!

Some items I keep because they’re the softest tee-shirt I’ve ever worn, some because of the memories, and some because I like how I look and feel in the piece.  But I do not keep something purely because I spent money on something in the past.  We’ll tackle that feeling in a moment, but the fact that you spent $75 on that dress three years ago is no excuse to still have it taking space in your home.

Eliminate those items that don’t give you joy and you’ll see your whole wardrobe with fresh eyes.

Step 3: Divide and Conquer

You now likely have two piles of clothing going, and here’s how I suggest they be handled.

For those clothes you are getting rid of… Decide which clothing should be donated and which clothing should be sold.  I like to sell clothing on eBay or at places like Buffalo Exchange where there are very few hurdles to cross, though the pay that you receive is rarely overwhelming either.  If I’m selling items, I usually find that I get the best luck if it’s some sort of designer name that people might be searching for online.

Whatever you decide to do with each item (donate or sell), immediately put it in the appropriate bag and don’t look at it again.  Removing the ability to constantly see the piece in front of you will clear your mind of the clutter almost immediately.

For those items you’ve decided to keep… Use the inspiration you pulled together in step one to create some new outfits and styles.  Can you piece together some different items in a way that varies from your typical tee-shirt and jeans?  Can you style that denim jacket just a bit differently to make it feel more stylish than dated?

Once you get the creative juices flowing, you’ll completely forget those items you banished from your closet in no time at all.

Step 4: Take Inventory and Get Shopping!

Now that you’ve rid yourself of the pieces bogging you down, it’s time to replace anything you might need to complete your wardrobe.

Maybe you got rid of those black pants that were incredibly dated.  Or you finally closed the chapter on that incredibly faded black tee-shirt that no longer looked classic.

Go through your current wardrobe and make a list of what you might need.  Then go buy items that make you excited to show them off because they fit who you currently are in all your beautiful perfection.

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Create a great life!

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