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Angela Roi Handbags

You know when your mom is right?  Well, I have been on a search for a perfect everyday bag for a significant period of time, but when my mom got me a purse from Angela Roi, that void was filled immediately!

7 20 15_3 Yes, we did take this picture in a parking garage.

This brand was born from two fashion entrepreneurs (Angela and Roi, see what they did there) who were on a mission to create luxurious, yet accessible handbags.  But not only that, as they were also on a mission to build a better world.

5% of the sale of each bag goes to a charitable cause, depending on your color of choice.  The brand includes 11 colors, each of which represent a different cause.  Sample causes include red for AIDS/HIV prevention, blue for Colon Cancer research, dark green to prevent Anxiety & Depression, and purple (the color I received) to help in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease.

All of Angela Roi’s handbags are under $200 – the cross body purse I received was $65!  To learn more about this inspirational brand, or to check out their impeccably made products, check out the Angela Roi collection on their website, before they sell out!

Please note, this post was not sponsored.  I was given my purple cross-body bag as a gift, but all opinions are my own.


Do you have a favorite “everyday” bag?  If so, what makes it work with everything?

Create a great life!

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